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Damon the biting bunny receives an unexpected gift! September 22, 2021
We love this cute warning sign that we've been sent for our naughty biting bunny Damon...he's trying to get his teeth stuck into it here!   ... [MORE]

Our sanctuary bunny of the month for September is RuPaul September 16, 2021
RuPaul has joined us in need of sanctuary support due to his caring owner's genuine changes in circumstance. They'd adopted him from a rescue shel... [MORE]

A new home for 12 year old Sam September 11, 2021
We're delighted that 12-year-old Sam who came back to us last month (after we re-homed him 11 years ago) has found love with a 12-year-old lady ... [MORE]

Our sanctuary bunny of the month for August is Sam August 17, 2021
Sam is a little piece of Camp Nibble history as one of the first bunnies we ever rescued as a charity back in 2009. He was originally rescued as a... [MORE]

You'll be missed little Emu. August 16, 2021
We’re very sad to have lost our cheeky little sanctuary bunny Emu very suddenly on Friday. Emu joined us as a snuffly bunny 4 years ... [MORE]

Happy 10th birthday to Pickle Rick our sanctuary bunny of the month for July. July 19, 2021
Happy 10th Birthday Pickle Rick!   On such a big bunny birthday you definitely deserve to be sanctuary bunny of the month for J... [MORE]

Please help to earn us hay donations from Healthy Herby. July 16, 2021
Thank you so much to Healthy Herby for our wonderful hay donations, our Camp Nibblers love it. Please help earn our sanctuary bunnies... [MORE]

A new home for Toni and Jaws June 27, 2021
We delivered Toni and Jaws to their bunderful new home last Saturday, and are so happy to see them looking so at home already.   ... [MORE]

Spring Fever! June 23, 2021
We're delighted to see this update photo of ex Camp Nibbler Jasmine and her husbun Lionel looking very loved up. Jasmine and Lionel have been happil... [MORE]

Our sanctuary bunny of the month for June is Poppy June 15, 2021
Poppy is an adorable lion head lop born around 2014/15. Her previous owners initially rescued her as a young bunny from a very unsafe situation. Pop... [MORE]

Happy Binky Day 2021! June 01, 2021
... [MORE]

Our sanctuary bunny of the month for May is Marky Mark May 13, 2021
Marky Mark is a handsome giant breed lop who joined us as a stray. Something had caused this lovely boy to self-mutilate to a disturbing ext... [MORE]

Our sanctuary bunny of the month for April is Russel Brand April 20, 2021
Russel Brand is a feisty little lion head born around 2019 rescued by an RSPCA branch. Since being rescued, RB has had snuffles and has needed denta... [MORE]

Sweet dreams handsome Flynn April 17, 2021
We said a sad goodbye to golden oldie Flynn last week. He left us without warning at 10.5 years old. He passed away snuggled up to his best friend... [MORE]

Thank you Trawden Soap Kitchen April 11, 2021
Thank you so much to lovely Louise at Trawden Soap Kitchen for her continued support in making these wonderful Camp Nibble soaps. We use t... [MORE]

Guinea Pig Awareness Week 2021 is here! March 22, 2021
We've made the video below (flip your speakers on) in support of the first ever Guinea Pig Awareness Week!   What a fine group of p... [MORE]

Our sanctuary bunny of the month for March is Nick Fury March 19, 2021
Nick Fury is a medium sized lop born around 2018. He is full of character and after originally being rescued from neglect has subsequently bee... [MORE]

Happy Valentine's Day! February 14, 2021
Rabbits are naturally sociable animals usually preferring to be in the company of other rabbits. It is becoming accepted by welfare or... [MORE]

Our sanctuary bunny of the month for February is Morty February 11, 2021
Morty is a gentle little boy who has joined us after being helped by two different rescue shelters. He is currently being monitored for a slight hea... [MORE]

Are your outdoor bunnies cosy and warm? February 10, 2021
It's so cold!! I really hope that everybun is managing to stay warm and cosy brrrrrrrrrrr!   The Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund have ... [MORE]

Our sanctuary Piggy of the month for January is Chalkie January 15, 2021
Chalky is a mature piggy who has joined us (along with her two companions) on the wishes of her owner who sadly passed away between Christ... [MORE]

Thank you for the wonderful Christmas gifts! December 18, 2020
We've received so many wonderful presents for the rescue animals this Christmas from our Amazon wishlist. We're quite overwhelmed by everyone's kin... [MORE]

Our sanctuary bunny of the month for December is Stephen King December 07, 2020
This sweet little man was taken in by a vet practice after being found as a stray. It is suspected that he had been abandoned by his owner. He joi... [MORE]

Will Santa Paws be visiting this year? December 04, 2020
Santa rabbit may sadly no longer be with us, but we're still hoping that Santa Paws will be able to visit all of our sanctuary animals again this ye... [MORE]

Our lovely new collection box! November 21, 2020
How gorgeous is this wooden collection box that has been hand-made and donated to us! Thank you so much to Brenda, what an incredibly... [MORE]

Our sanctuary bunny of the month for November is Rick November 09, 2020
Rick is a laid-back large lop born in 2012, he has joined us in need of rescue support at nearly nine years old.Rick has dental disease, and is sadl... [MORE]

Please remember your pet rabbits over firework season. November 01, 2020
... [MORE]

Our sanctuary bunny of the month for October is Flynn October 07, 2020
Happy 10th birthday Flynn!   Flynn is a handsome lop born in 2010. He joined us in need of rescue support at 7 years old due to his ow... [MORE]

Oliver looking great still at 11 years old. September 20, 2020
I love these stunning update photos of former Camp Nibbler Oliver.   We rescued Oliver as a baby over 11 years ago! He joined us ... [MORE]

Our sanctuary piggy of the month for September is Fatima September 09, 2020
Fatima joined us some time ago now as one of a large rescued group of breeding guinea pigs in need of help.   The other piggies eve... [MORE]

A lovely update from Antman, Olympia and Mishti's forever home. August 25, 2020
Lovely update photos of Antman, Olympia and Mishti (now Digby, Eeyore, and Lulu) so much loved and cherished in their forever home.   ... [MORE]

What are the welfare needs of pet rabbits? Rabbit Awareness Week 2020 August 10, 2020
This year Rabbit Awareness Week is exploring the 5 welfare needs of rabbits in a fab two week long online festival!:   Diet Environmen... [MORE]

Our sanctuary bunny of the month for August is Pickle Rick August 06, 2020
Pickle Rick is a very handsome cross breed born in 2011. He has joined us in need of rescue support at 9 years old after being handed in to a vet pr... [MORE]

You'll be missed Ewy and Mr Bean x August 04, 2020
We're paying tribute to two of our very special bunnies who have sadly recently both gone to their forever sleep.   Ewy and Mr Be... [MORE]

Thank you to Burgess Pet Care for the ongoing support. July 31, 2020
... [MORE]

Our sanctuary bunny of the month for July is Bun Jovi July 10, 2020
Bun Jovi is a handsome little dutch who was handed into a vet practice as a stray. X-rays revealed that he has old breaks to his pelvis which have... [MORE]

YouTube loving life! June 30, 2020
Such beautiful photos of headtilt bunny YouTube loving life in his foster home! He’s been waiting very patiently for us to be able to book in... [MORE]

Keep Calm and keep Checking! Protect your rabbit from flystrike. June 27, 2020
This time of year when we have some beautiful hot days I become so anxious about fly strike (any of you who have been unlucky enough to have had the... [MORE]

Our sanctuary bunny of the month for June is Owen June 10, 2020
Celebrating his 10th birthday this month its only fair that gorgeous Owen is our sanctuary bunny of the month. Happy Birthday Owen!! Owen is an ext... [MORE]

Happy Binky Day! June 01, 2020
1st June is Binky Day! Do your bunnies have room to binky? ... [MORE]

Remembering grumpy Happy May 20, 2020
We're remembering our wonderfully grumpy Happy who sadly passed away peacefully on Monday evening. Just shy of his 11th birthday, time caught up wi... [MORE]

Our sanctuary bunny of the month for May is Godzilla May 10, 2020
Godzilla is a Netherland dwarf who was handed into a vets as a stray. No-one at the vet practice was in a position to offer him a home, but they wer... [MORE]

Ethel, Ernie and Maggie, happy bunny update! April 29, 2020
Aww so great to see you all looking so happy and well Ernie, Ethel and Maggie. Thank you to your bunny parents for the lovely update. "We&rsquo... [MORE]

Happy World Veterinary Day April 25, 2020
Thank you so much to our wonderful vets Holly House Veterinary Hospital for everything that they do to help to keep our many complicated Camp Nibble... [MORE]

Our sanctuary bunny of the month for April is YouTube April 02, 2020
Youtube was rescued by a wonderful rescue group who saw him being advertised as unwanted, and in need of vet care after developing a head tilt. He i... [MORE]

Keep Calm with our Camp Nibble colouring page. March 23, 2020
These are anxious times for everyone. If like most of us you are currently staying in at home right now, you might appreciate a calming fun activity... [MORE]

Our sanctuary 'bunny' of the month for March is Peppa Pig March 10, 2020
Peppa Pig is a sweet natured cross breed born in 2014, she joined us at 5 years old in need of rescue support. She has snuffles and a severe head ... [MORE]

Thank you for our nomination! February 15, 2020
Thank you to the very sweet person who nominated us this year, what a kind lot you are! ... [MORE]

Happy Valentines Day! February 14, 2020
... [MORE]

Our sanctuary 'bunny' of the month for February is Pamela February 12, 2020
Our sanctuary 'bunny' of the month for Febuary is Pamela.   Ok you are right, she is technically a chicken!   With... [MORE]

A new home for Banana February 01, 2020
Banana (on the right) hopped off to his wonderful new home last weekend, following a very successful bunnymoon here with new friends Binky (former C... [MORE]

Our sanctuary bunny of the month for January is Star Lord January 07, 2020
This very sweet ruby-eyed lionhead was handed into a vet practice as a stray. We suspect that he may have become unwanted after developing a very se... [MORE]

Our sanctuary bunny of the month for December is Stewie December 09, 2019
Stewie is a very rare Camp Nibble bunny who despite us having re-homed him very carefully twice has needed to come back to us after a year both ti... [MORE]

Will Santa Paws be visiting Camp Nibble this Christmas? December 02, 2019
Our Camp Nibblers have written their letters to Santa.Top of their lists was of course for all animals to be safe and loved this Christmas....but th... [MORE]

Happy 10th Birthday Camp Nibble November 28, 2019
Our little charity was offically formed 10 years ago today! Wow, what a decade its been! A huge, huge sincere THANK YOU to each and everyone of yo... [MORE]

Please mention 'Camp Nibble' when shopping at the Trawden Soap Kitchen. November 21, 2019
Please remember to mention 'Camp Nibble' whilst ordering your gorgeous goodies (perfect Christmas gifts!) from Louise's fabulous Trawden Soap Kitc... [MORE]

A new start for Antman November 17, 2019
Little Antman joined us back in March. He had been rescued sadly from very neglected conditions, but thankfully found his way to us via some very ki... [MORE]

Our sanctuary bunny of the month for November is Chief Brody November 08, 2019
Chief Brody has joined us at 4 years old. He is a handsome small/medium crossbreed. Unfortunately, he has dental issues and has been needing dental ... [MORE]

Please remember your pet rabbits during fireworks season. November 02, 2019
... [MORE]

Happy Halloween! October 31, 2019
Despite their cute appearance many rabbits are sadly given up (and neglected) due to displaying various degrees of aggression. Often though aggressi... [MORE]

Our sanctuary bunny of the month for October is Mr Bean! October 10, 2019
Mr Bean is a friendly lop was born around 2012. He has sadly passed through at least two homes before joining us here at least 6 years old. He has ... [MORE]

Sleep well Santa September 28, 2019
So this perfect gentle giant just drifted off into his forever sleep peacefully at the weekend…no fuss, just like that… this was so hi... [MORE]

Sadly missed - Beatrice and Spider Man September 13, 2019
We're very sad to say that two of our very special bunnies are no longer with us. Beatrice was a tiny 5 year old mini lop. She originally joined us... [MORE]

Our sanctuary bunny of the month for September is Dougie! September 09, 2019
Dougie is a squishy faced lop born in 2014. This sweet boy sadly suffers from dental disease and will need careful monitoring and on-going dental tr... [MORE]

Proudly fed by Burgess! September 07, 2019
Huge thanks to our friends at Burgess Pet Care who have helped to keep our rescue bunnies and piggies well fed for many years now. We are so gratef... [MORE]

Sanctuary bunny of the month for August is Happy! August 09, 2019
We thought that Happy should be our bunny of the month with him celebrating his 10th birthday! ... [MORE]

Happy Birthday Happy! August 02, 2019
Happy 10th Birthday Happy! This is quite a milestone birthday for a large breed bunny. Happy is one of our current longest term residents having... [MORE]

Happy bunny updates July 27, 2019
Its always lovely to hear how our former Camp Nibblers are getting along in their new homes. Maggie and Arthur have been busy celebrating being in ... [MORE]

Our sanctuary bunny of the month for July is Pugwash. July 08, 2019
Pugwash is a large breed lop born in 2012. He has sadly found himself in need of rescue support again at 7 years old. His previous owners had or... [MORE]

Hooray for Trawden Soap Kitchen June 17, 2019
Thank you SO much to Louise and her wonderful Trawden Soap Kitchen for our mini soap bars & eco friendly lip balms (these are one of the gift ... [MORE]

Our sanctuary bunny of the month for June is Spiderman. June 12, 2019
Spiderman is a sweet friendly small lop born in 2016. This adorable bunny was luckily helped by a kind care worker. She could see that he was very m... [MORE]

New sanctuary set ups are ready! June 10, 2019
We've recently replaced a couple of our old very tired looking outdoor sanctuary set ups with some spangly new enclosures. Damon & Gary Lineker... [MORE]

A friend for Damon! June 09, 2019
We featured Damon as our sanctuary bunny of the month for January. This handsome chap really is our most aggressive bunny! The little monkey has cau... [MORE]

Rabbit Awareness Week 2019 is here! Protect and Prevent. June 01, 2019
This year's Rabbit Awareness Week theme is 'Protect and 'Prevent' Sadly, there are two fatal viruses which can infect rabbits (both wild and domest... [MORE]

Why do owners give up their pet rabbits? May 17, 2019
This article was written for Rabbiting On magazine - Summer 2019: Too many rabbits Sadly, like all rabbit rescues we have never been in a positi... [MORE]

Our sanctuary bunny of the month for May is Ewy. May 11, 2019
Eowyn (Ewy) is a mini lop born in 2014. This sweet little girl has joined us at 5 years old sadly due to a change in her owner's circumstances. Her... [MORE]

Hooray for Handsome Ant-Man April 23, 2019
Little Antman joined us last month sadly from very neglected conditions. He really was in a sorry looking state covered in extensive lesions from an... [MORE]

Camp Nibble Lush Charity Pot event 19th/20th April April 16, 2019
This Friday and Saturday (19th and 20th of April) LUSH Leeds Spa will extremely kindly be hosting another Charity Pot Event to raise money for Camp ... [MORE]

Guest Blog from Burgess Pet Care - Bunnies are for life, not just for Easter April 16, 2019
A total of 5,491 rabbit owners across the UK completed our GBRC survey. The findings have provided some fascinating insights into the day-to-day l... [MORE]

Support Camp Nibble whenever you shop via Amazon Smile April 10, 2019
  Amazon shoppers - you can support Camp Nibble by starting your shopping at Thank you   ... [MORE]

Our sanctuary bunny of the month for April is Nala. April 09, 2019
Nala is a mini lop born in 2014, she joined us a year and a half ago due to her owners struggling to meet her needs, and expensive on-going veterina... [MORE]

Rabbit Awareness Week 2019 theme announced - Protect and Prevent April 02, 2019
This year's Rabbit Awareness Week theme will be 'Protect and Prevent' and will be raising awareness around Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease 2 (RVHD... [MORE]

Our sanctuary bunny of the month for March is Owen. March 10, 2019
Owen is an extremely sweet older bunny born in 2010. In the short time he has been with us it has been wonderful to see this unsure old chap start ... [MORE]

Guest Blog from Burgess Pet Care - Making hay-time playtime for bunnies. March 03, 2019
Having fresh, irresistibly tasty feeding hay every day is an absolute essential for fibrevores like bunnies. In fact, around 85-90% of a rabbit&rs... [MORE]

Thank you for our nominations! February 11, 2019
We've received two Nominations again this year for the Pet Plan Charity Awards. Its just so lovely that people would take their time to do this for ... [MORE]

Our sanctuary bunny of the month for February is Columbo. February 09, 2019
Columbo is a small crossbreed born in 2015. He sadly needed to join us at around 9 months old due to his previous owner's experiencing health issues... [MORE]

A sad update as we say goodbye to Black Widow February 07, 2019
A sad update I'm afraid as we've needed to say goodbye to adorable little Black Widow. After developing a worrying head tilt a week ago her conditio... [MORE]

A worrying week for the Nibblers February 01, 2019
Well, its been a sad/worrying bunny week here. We'd been abscess free here for some time and then two pop up at once! Fluffy Wolverine is recovering... [MORE]

Guest Blog from Burgess Pet Care - Keep fit for bunnies January 17, 2019
Rabbits are active creatures who need the opportunity to run, jump and hop about every day. Without adequate exercise, the skeletal frame of a pet... [MORE]

Our sanctuary bunny of the month for January is Damon. January 17, 2019
Damon (also affectionately known as Demon!) has joined us from a local rescue shelter. They had unfortunately not managed to find the right home... [MORE]

Happy Christmas Everyone! December 25, 2018
... [MORE]

Our sanctuary bunny of the month for December is Santa. December 11, 2018
It seems only right that our bunny of the month for December should be long term permanent resident Santa's Little Helper....or 'Santa' to his frien... [MORE]

Thank you Animal Ark Aid December 02, 2018
We had a great time today as always with a Camp Nibble stall at the Animal ArkAid Christmas party for dogs. Thank you for having us, and for all of ... [MORE]

Keeping your small pets cosy in winter November 21, 2018
Guest post by Burgess Pet Care Pets who are kept outdoors rely on their human carers to make sure they don’t suffer because of the changing o... [MORE]

Sad goodbyes to She-Ra and Lassiters November 17, 2018
A sad goodbye this week to beautiful giant girl She-Ra (our October bunny of the month). Her serious spinal deformaties have taken her life at only ... [MORE]

Our sanctuary bunny of the month for November is Wolverine. November 12, 2018
Wolverine is a fluffy lion head who was handed into a vet practice as a stray. Sadly, he has complicated end stage dental disease, leaving his long... [MORE]

Please remember your pet rabbits over firework season. November 02, 2018
Fireworks aren't fun if you're a bun!   ... [MORE]

Halloween...the nightmare continues! October 31, 2018
... [MORE]

Raise free funds when you shop online! October 29, 2018
Do you shop online? If so, please join us at easyfundraising and raise free donations for Camp Nibble when you shop with over 3,300 retailers. It ... [MORE]

She-Ra and Wolverine October 17, 2018
Wolverine joined us a couple of months ago after being handed into a vets as a stray/abandoned. Sadly, he has complicated end stage dental disease... [MORE]

Our sanctuary bunny of the month for October is She Ra. October 08, 2018
She-Ra is a very large continental giant weighing in at nearly 8kg, she was born in 2017. Unfortunately, very large rabbits like She-Ra are much m... [MORE]

Happy World Animal Day! October 04, 2018
Happy World Animal Day everyone!   ... [MORE]

Fun easy ways to support us. September 25, 2018
We sometimes get asked if there are any ways in which people can help us. We have a few easy fun ideas here on our website. Thank you so much for t... [MORE]

Clive Gibbons is our sanctuary bunny of the month for September. September 06, 2018
Clive Gibbons is a cheeky medium sized crossbreed. He was rescued from poor conditions in need of dental treatment. Clive is a happy active chap cu... [MORE]

Rabbit Awareness Posters August 29, 2018
For anyone in need of posters for any rabbit awareness events etc. we have a selection that can be downloaded from our website here: [MORE]

Our sanctuary bunny of the month for August is Beatrice. August 11, 2018
Beatrice is a sweet (yet fiesty!) mini lop born in 2014. She originally joined us in 2016 due to her owner moving to accommodation that did not al... [MORE]

How to handle your rabbits July 12, 2018
By Burgess Pet Care - Unless they’ve got used to it from a very young age, some rabbits really don’t enjoy being han... [MORE]

In memory of Patchy rabbit June 26, 2018
Very sadly sweet Patchy one of our permanent residents lost her battle with Arthritis last week and was helped to sleep by our vets. Always such a v... [MORE]

Tripled donations with Amazon Smile! June 13, 2018
**Support us when shopping on Amazon** Tripled donations with every qualifying purchase - from 15th to 29th June, AmazonSmile is tripling its dona... [MORE]

Our sanctuary bunny of the month for June is Lassiters. June 06, 2018
... [MORE]

Its Rabbit Awareness Week 2018! Move away from muesli! June 02, 2018
Find out all about it here: Made for Rabbit Awareness Week... [MORE]

Sweet dreams sweet Hoggle May 12, 2018
We very sadly had to say goodbye and sweet dreams to sweet Hoggle one of permanent residents early this week. Hoggle joined us over a year ago in a... [MORE]

Rabbit found Leeds 17 area! May 06, 2018
**Rabbit found Leeds 17 area** We have taken in a stray rabbit today who was handed into our vets (Holly House) yesterday having been found loose i... [MORE]

Our sanctuary bunny of the month for May is Lady Gaga! May 05, 2018
... [MORE]

Good luck in your new homes! April 16, 2018
A little flurry of excellent forever homes found over the last two days for some of the healthy little nibblers that we've been able to help along... [MORE]

Cilla, Hoggle and Lassiters safely home after operations. April 10, 2018
Very happy to have three of our gorgeous sanctuary bunnies safely back home after surgery today. Dentals needed for Cilla and Hoggle both with adv... [MORE]

Sanctuary bunny of the month for April is Flynn! April 06, 2018
Our sanctuary bunny of the month for April is Flynn. ... [MORE]

Raise funds for Camp Nibble everytime you shop at Amazon April 05, 2018
**Calling all Amazon users!** If you buy your Amazon purchases via (using your regular Amazon account) and choose to s... [MORE]

Rabbit Awareness Week 2018 theme announced 'Move away from muesli!' March 18, 2018
A message from the organisers: This year's Rabbit Awareness Week theme will be 'Move Away From Muesli' and will highlight the importance of feedi... [MORE]

Our sanctuary animal of the month for March is Bun Jovi! March 06, 2018
... [MORE]

Snow Bunnies! February 28, 2018
Snow bunnies A busy day making sure that all of outdoor residents are safe and well in the snow. Please make sure your outdoor rabbits have access... [MORE]

Happy Valentine's Day - Rabbits need Rabbits! February 14, 2018
Happy Valentines Day! Rabbits are naturally sociable animals usually preferring to be in the company of other rabbits. It is becoming widely accept... [MORE]

Orders please? February 09, 2018
Our Body Shop at Home fundraising group has an order going in this weekend. If you love cruelty free beauty, and helping our rescue animals please j... [MORE]

Patchy is our sanctuary bunny of the month for February February 06, 2018
... [MORE]

Think outside the Hutch! January 18, 2018
Please visit our rabbit housing page and rabbit housing gallery for ideas of how to give your pet rabbits a wonderful home. ... [MORE]

Thomas is our Sanctuary rabbit of the month for January. January 08, 2018
... [MORE]

Animals helped in 2017. December 24, 2017
Happy Christmas Everyone! Throughout 2017 with your help and support we have been able to offer 37 new special needs rescue animals a loving home h... [MORE]

Happy Christmas and thank you everyone! December 23, 2017
Thank you so very much for all of the amazing gifts for the animals, and all of the donations we have received this Christmas, you really are all so... [MORE]

Our sanctuary animal of the month for December is Hoggle. December 09, 2017
Hoggle is our bunny of the month for December - You can sponsor him here. ... [MORE]

Caring For Your House Rabbits During The Festive Period. December 08, 2017
By Burgess Pet Care - It’s nearly that time of year again – Christmas is just around the corner! December is a fun a... [MORE]

Easy ways to support our rescue animals this Christmas. November 29, 2017
We'd love sanctuary bun Santa to be able to deliver each of his friends a present again this Christmas. We'd be so excited to recieve any surprise... [MORE]

Our sanctuary animal of the month for November is Christopher Reeve November 09, 2017
Christopher Reeve is our bunny of the month for November - You can sponsor him here. ... [MORE]

A new home for Gavin October 29, 2017
We're excited to be waving off gorgeous Gavin bunny (grey) to a wonderful new home today Gavin has been with us for nearly a year due to having ... [MORE]

Sweet dreams to our very special Quincy October 26, 2017
Quincy was a tiny 800g bunny who was rescued from very poor conditions before being brought to us at around 6 months old. He had brain damage, the... [MORE]

Our sanctuary animal of the month for October is Cilla! October 07, 2017
Cilla is our bunny of the month for October - You can sponsor her here. ... [MORE]

Please join our Body Shop at Home fundraising group! September 20, 2017
Please join here: ... [MORE]

Sanctuary animal of the month for September is Christopher! September 07, 2017
Christopher is our bunny of the month for August - You can sponsor him here. ... [MORE]

A very clever operation to help Cilla rabbit August 23, 2017
We’re so happy with how successful this recent operation on sanctuary bunny Cilla has been so I just thought I’d share it with you C... [MORE]

Our sanctuary animal of the month for August is Happy! August 05, 2017
Happy is our bunny of the month for August - You can sponsor him here. ... [MORE]

Thank you Trawden Soap kitchen August 02, 2017
Thank you so much to Louise and her Wonderful Trawden Soap Kitchen for this amazing set of goodies to help us with our fundraising. Huge... [MORE]

Thank you Amarjit and Tesco! July 29, 2017
Very well done and a huge thank you to Amarjit who recently held a fundraiser for us at Tesco (Roundhay) raising a wonderful £235 for our resc... [MORE]

Sweet dreams to sanctuary bunny Kyle. July 25, 2017
A sad update as Kyle our bunny of the month for June was very sadly put to sleep on our vet's advice last week This most gentle of giants I know... [MORE]

Bunny of the month July - Quincy July 09, 2017
Quincy is our bunny of the month for July - You can sponsor him here. ... [MORE]

Rabbit Awareness Week event - Holly House vets 22nd June 2017 June 22, 2017
*Taken from the Holly House website: ... [MORE]

Rabbit Awareness Week 2017 is here! - Hop To Hay! June 17, 2017
Rabbit Awareness Week 2017 is here Full details here: This year's theme is #HopToHay The diet page of our w... [MORE]

Bunny of the month June - Kyle! June 09, 2017
Kyle is our bunny of the month for June! You can sponsor him here.   ... [MORE]

Please come and join the party! June 03, 2017
Hi everyone please come join our fundraising party! We thought we’d try out a new fundraising idea! Throughout this weekend (Fri 2nd June ... [MORE]

Tombola/raffle prizes needed please! May 25, 2017
TOMBOLA/RAFFLE PRIZES, AND CRAFT ITEMS NEEDED – We are in need of donations of small items in new condition for our fundraising stalls over ... [MORE]

Vets4Pets Bradford supporting RAW2017 and raising funds for Camp Nibble May 23, 2017
This June Vets4Pets Bradford are supporting Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) & Camp Nibble to make sure your Bunnies & Guinea Pigs are the H... [MORE]

Camp Nibble special needs sanctuary. April 29, 2017
We have recently been making some changes to the way we operate here at Camp Nibble. We will inevitably still be rescuing/re-homing on a smaller s... [MORE]

Holly House open day Sunday 9th April. April 05, 2017
We'll be here on Sunday 9th April with a Camp Nibble stall to celebrate the grand opening of our trusted vets new Moor Allerton Centre. I know that ... [MORE]

Help support us via Trawden Soap Kitchen February 10, 2017
We love our Camp Nibble branded Trawden soap kitchen soap & lipbalm sets. These are one of the gift options that our supporters can choose when ... [MORE]

LUSH Spa Leeds Camp Nibble charity pot party. January 28, 2017
Thank you so much LUSH Leeds Spa for holding a charity pot party for us this weekend.  All proceeds from sales of their charity pot hand/body... [MORE]

Welcome to the team Wallis! January 14, 2017
We are delighted to welcome the lovely Wallis Giunta to our small team of rabbit fostering volunteers.Wallis is an exceptionally talented opera si... [MORE]

Sweet dreams Angry Alice January 12, 2017
A teary day as we lose Angry Alice a true part of the Camp Nibble furniture, and such a big character. Alice joined us back in 2010 in the early st... [MORE]

Animals successfully re-homed in 2016 December 31, 2016
Thank you to all of our wonderful new homes! ... [MORE]

Santa's been! December 21, 2016
Thank you all so much to the wonderful kind people who have made a Christmas donation, or bought gifts for our rescue animals this year. We really... [MORE]

Fantastic banner donation from RAL Display & Marketing Ltd December 07, 2016
We are very grateful to RAL Display & Marketing Ltd for our fantastic new popup banner stand! These guys have been kind enough to donate a print... [MORE]

Dear Santa... November 19, 2016
Our rescue animals all have their paws crossed that Santa will be visiting them this year  Please consider popping a present in for them when y... [MORE]

Running for Rabbits - Thank you! November 06, 2016
Huge thanks to the lovely Amy who has raised an awesome £340 for our rescue animals via her sponsored 10k run last weekend. See how she got on... [MORE]

Give more than a gift this Christmas. November 06, 2016
This Christmas give more than a gift by collecting FREE donations at over 3,100 shops and sites. You can help Camp Nibble by doing your Christmas sh... [MORE]

Happy Halloween! October 31, 2016
The nightmare continues.... ... [MORE]

Craft donations needed! October 30, 2016
We're in need of animal themed craft goodies for our fundraising/rabbit awareness stalls that crop up throughout the year (always at least one ove... [MORE]

Are your rabbits up to date with their vaccinations? October 13, 2016
We've had a very sad update that one of our lovely former Camp Nibblers has sadly died from Mxyomatosis. He of course left us fully vaccinated, and ... [MORE]

Well done Isabel! October 04, 2016
Huge thanks to the lovely Isabel for organising a fundraiser for us at her work. She has raised a super £50 to help our rescue animals. THANK... [MORE]

Pet friendly council scoops three RSPCA awards September 19, 2016
Leeds City Council has been awarded the RSPCA’s prestigious Community Animal Welfare Footprint Award in three categories. Housing Leeds recei... [MORE]

Goodies from the wonderful Trawden Soap Kitchen August 25, 2016
Well, what a perfect parcel this is! Yummy dried forgage for our sanctuary bunnies, and wonderful Camp Nibble soaps and lip balms (which we offer as... [MORE]

Ed (Sheeran) and Dexter bunnies, a lovely update! August 15, 2016
Yes, of course we remember this pair of gorgeous brothers. We're delighted that you are so happy and healthy in your lovely new home :) "Hi! I wond... [MORE]

Camp Nibble makes Monster Pet Supplies' Charity of the Month! August 09, 2016
Here at Monster Pet Supplies we’re all bunny lovers! So when we heard about Camp Nibble, it was an obvious choice for our Charit... [MORE]

Holly House Open Day July 16, 2016
A lovely sunny day at The Holly House Veterinary Hospital open day. Thank you for having us, and as always thank you so much for all of your on-goin... [MORE]

Please neuter rabbits for their health and happiness. July 08, 2016
Well, this family of 11 rabbits of varying ages (youngest 5 weeks) who have joined us today are of course more than just a little bit adorable! A... [MORE]

Rabbit Awareness Week 2016 (18th-26th June) - #BuddiesForBunnies June 18, 2016
The theme for Rabbit Awareness Week 2016 is understanding the importance of companionship for rabbits #BuddiesForBunnies.Find out all about the wo... [MORE]

A sad farewell to long termer Pam June 15, 2016
We received very sad news this morning from our vets that long term Camp Nibbler Pam bunny had passed away under treatment :( Pam joined us 5 years... [MORE]

Foraging fun! May 17, 2016
Thank you so much to the lovely Louise at Trawden Soap Kitchen for sending our nibblers a wonderful box jammed packed with yummy hand picked fresh a... [MORE]

A lovely new home for Laura and Dora May 14, 2016
We're sure that lucky nibblers Laura and Dora bunnies will be very comfortable in their amazing new bunny shed. They found a lovely new home yesterd... [MORE]

Sweet dreams little Barry White May 12, 2016
Sweet dreams to Barry White - A very sad start to a sunny day as we have found our Sanctuary sweetheart little Barry White very unexpectedly in his ... [MORE]

Bunnies mean business for Burgess Pet Care at BSAVA‏ April 02, 2016

Lovely new gift option for our animal sponsor packs. March 17, 2016
Look at our gorgeous Camp Nibble branded soaps and lip balms. These have been made for us by the wonderful Trawden Soap Kitchen for us to include as... [MORE]

Important video experiment - Please watch before 9th March. March 02, 2016
We have been asked to share this very important video experiment on behalf of the wonderful Compassion in World Farming. Please take 3 minutes to wa... [MORE]

Raise funds for Camp Nibble by recycling your used inkjet cartridges. February 27, 2016
Raise funds for Camp Nibble by recycling your used inkjet cartridges: Thank you! ... [MORE]

A happy ending for Valentine's Day! February 14, 2016
Lola joined us here in June after her devoted owner (who had rescued her a few years earlier from neglect) found herself in the heart-breaking posit... [MORE]

A big thank you to February 04, 2016
We have received a wonderful surprise donation from online homeware store They are supporting smaller local charities, and giving bac... [MORE]

An important message to prospective rabbit owners. January 26, 2016
Having just dropped 5 of our rescue rabbits off with our rabbit specialist vet for various (in some cases very complex/expensive) procedures this me... [MORE]

*Important update from the RWAF* RVHD2 Vaccine availability. January 13, 2016
Please read this important information below from the The Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund. This newly available vaccine protects against both st... [MORE]

Happy New Year! Successfully re-homed in 2015 December 31, 2015
Happy New Year Thank you so much to everyone who has given a Camp Nibbler a wonderful forever home in 2015. We are a tiny charity run on an entirel... [MORE]

Santa's been! THANK YOU! December 24, 2015
Wow wee! Santa has been so kind to our rescue animals this year! We will really enjoy handing out the lovely treats and toys. We are also very grate... [MORE]

Welcome home Charlie! December 19, 2015
We're delighted to welcome sanctuary bunny Charlie safely back to Camp after a two week stay in hospital with our rabbit specialist vet for complica... [MORE]

An animal is for life and not just for Christmas! December 10, 2015
Please think very carefully indeed before buying any pets as presents. It’s well known that many pets bought as presents sadly end up being ha... [MORE]

Sweet dreams to Dermott, Christian, Nate and Rosie December 10, 2015
What a sad week we have had as four of our lovely special needs permanent resident sanctuary animals have all lost their battles with illness and sa... [MORE]

Fireworks aren't fun if you're a bun! November 02, 2015
Please watch our Camp Nibble awareness video: Fireworks aren't fun if you're a bun. Thank you to Burgess Pet Care for the following advice: Wh... [MORE]

Happy Halloween Nibblers! October 31, 2015
Happy Halloween Please watch our Halloween video - scary stuff! Halloween Trick or Treat? Our rescue animals are crossing their paws for treat... [MORE]

We have been named 'Points of Light' by the Prime Minister! October 06, 2015
Much to our great surprise we have today been named 'Points of Light' by the Prime Minister: Th... [MORE]

Happy World Animal Day Everyone! October 04, 2015 The Future! ... [MORE]

Case report: A Lame Rabbit September 18, 2015
Former Camp Nibble rescue rabbit Jordan (now Jack) has really landed on his paws in his new home with our wonderful Patron Frances Harcourt Brown. R... [MORE]

A thank you from Trawden Soap Kitchen September 07, 2015
"From July to 6th September we have raised £116 for Camp Nibble in Vouchers. You're all so generous - a massive Thank You to Diane Shaw, Hanna... [MORE]

Sweet dreams scruffy fella September 06, 2015
We're very sad to say that Texas Pete who recently joined our group of permanent resident dental bunnies has passed away today. This adorable very ... [MORE]

Remembering Wilf September 03, 2015
We can't believe its been a year since we lost very much loved sanctuary bunny Wilf in recovery following an abscess operation. What a very sad day ... [MORE]

Important survey for owners of rabbits with dental issues (past or present). August 09, 2015
Have you ever had a rabbit with dental issues? If so please kindly fill out this very important owner's survey on behalf of our wonderful charity pa... [MORE]

Big bunnies with smelly bottoms! August 09, 2015
Big bunnies with smelly bottoms! After spending a lovely sunny afternoon cleaning very smelly bunny bottoms this feels like a good time to remind ev... [MORE]

Huge thanks to for our brilliant new display board. August 01, 2015 have very kindly donated the wonderful display board below to us completely free of charge to help us display our rabbit aw... [MORE]

A happy ending for Joan July 14, 2015
Joan joined us recently at 8 to 9 years old having always lived alone (we suspect like so many rabbits confined mostly to a hutch). Despite a life t... [MORE]

Please neuter for health and happiness. July 11, 2015
We are advocates of rabbit neutering, and recommend that all healthy rabbits are neutered for their health and wellbeing. Sadly, our vets have found... [MORE]

Facebook 5000 likes competition, have you entered? July 06, 2015
Nibblers, how about a fun competition? We recently reached 5000 likes on our Camp Nibble Facebook page so lets celebrate with a bit of fun to raise ... [MORE]

Introducing new sanctuary bunny Texas Pete June 25, 2015
Meet Texas Pete the newest member of our sanctuary family of permanent resident bunnies. Texas Pete is a 5 year old lion head. Sadly, like so man... [MORE]

Hamsters and Gerbils looking for loving homes. June 21, 2015
We have gorgeous cheeky Syrian hamsters and gerbils looking for their special homes: [MORE]

Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) - Teeth Tuesday May 12, 2015
As part of Rabbit Awareness Week today is Teeth Tuesday! ... [MORE]

Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) - Perfect Match Monday May 11, 2015
As part of Rabbit Awareness Week today is Perfect Match Monday! ... [MORE]

Bunny Mad Magazine sponsor our dental bunnies! May 06, 2015
Our sanctuary dental bunnies would like to say a great big thank you to Bunny Mad Magazine for pet rabbit lovers who have sponsored them all as a gr... [MORE]

I'm not the Easter bunny...Capiche? March 26, 2015
An important message from our late great sanctuary bunny Baxter: No rabbits will be adopted on impulse as gifts for children from Camp Nibble thi... [MORE]

Happy Valentine's Day - Rabbits love rabbits! February 14, 2015
... [MORE]

RWAF Adopt Don't Shop campaign - Have you bought your t-shirt? February 08, 2015
The RWAF's latest research shows that 67,000 rabbits entered rescue in the UK in a year, and these were the lucky ones. Countless others were sold... [MORE]

Petplan Charity Awards nominations January 30, 2015
Thank you very much indeed to the very kind people who have nominated us for Petplan UK Animal Charity Awards. We have received two surprise nominat... [MORE]

Quincy is sponsored in soap!! January 30, 2015
Our special needs sanctuary bunny Quincy is very proud to have been sponsored by the wonderful Trawden Soap Kitchen. He won’t be using his gor... [MORE]

Happy ending for Mel and Chandler January 18, 2015
We love these gorgeous photos of Mel & Chandler (now Ethel & Ernie) happy in their great new home. This sweet pair joined us last year along... [MORE]

Did anyone receive any unwanted presents this year? December 29, 2014
We can make really great use of all of your unwanted Christmas presents as fundraising prizes....c'mon we all get a couple each year don't we. We pr... [MORE]

Happy Christmas everyone! - Animals successfully re-homed in 2014 December 24, 2014
Happy Christmas everyone! We are taking a little break from visitors until the New Year to recharge our batteries! Camp Nibble is a tiny charity r... [MORE]

Pets as presents, is it really a good idea? November 29, 2014
On this busiest of Christmas shopping weekends we ask people to please think very carefully indeed before buying any pets as presents. It’s we... [MORE]

Scrummy Christmas gifts for bunny lovers! November 12, 2014
Trawden Soap Kitchen have the most delicious chrimbo gifts for bunny lovers. Gorgeous bunny themed hand-made soaps, and bath products which can be p... [MORE]

Fireworks aren't fun if you're a bun! November 02, 2014
... [MORE]

Sweet Dreams Gorgeous George October 29, 2014
We are extremely sad to say that our very much loved sanctuary bunny Gorgeous George has peacefully passed away this evening.George has been with us... [MORE]

We've rescued 1000 animals in need! October 24, 2014
This month we celebrate offering a safe haven to our 1000th rescue animal which was Peter (4) the rabbit. The 1000 animals that we have helped hav... [MORE]

Hoppy Endings October 15, 2014
A couple of months ago we appealed for help (on our facebook page) with catching two baby bunnies who had been abandoned on a ru... [MORE]

Happy 10th Birthday George! September 24, 2014
Happy 10th birthday Gorgeous George! We have been completely overwhelmed by how many wonderful presents have been sent in for this special needs bu... [MORE]

Latest press release from the RWAF September 15, 2014
*Latest press release from the RWAF*  Think Run! Sadly, we're close to the last knockings of summer and before we know it, the winter months ... [MORE]

Think outside the hutch! September 15, 2014
... [MORE]

Binky free Wilf. September 03, 2014
  With great sadness we say farewell to WIlf one of our special needs sanctuary bunnies. Wilf very sadly passed away in recovery today followi... [MORE]

The Future! August 26, 2014
Please watch our latest rabbit awareness video - The Future! ... [MORE]

Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge August 20, 2014
Thank you so much to wonderful friend of Camp Nibble Stephanie who has raised an amazing £440 by taking part in a sponsored Yorkshire Three Pe... [MORE]

We're Charity of the month for Aug, Sept and Oct! August 15, 2014
Cool! We're charity of the month for August, September & October. Many thanks Zooplus. If people are kind enough to donate their z... [MORE]

We Love Trawden Soap Kitchen! August 11, 2014
Wow! look at this absolutely amazing surprise donation that has arrived from the wonderful Trawden Soap Kitchen We love you!!! These are delicio... [MORE]

Please support Danielle climbing Mount Fuji for bunnies! August 05, 2014
Our wonderful supporter Danielle has gone on a wonderful adventure raising money for Camp Nibble. She has climbed Mount Fuji in Japan, and crossed t... [MORE]

Please help us to win £1000 in the JustGiving 100 care challenge! August 01, 2014
To celebrate the launch of their new ‘care’ button JustGiving are giving away four prizes of £1000 to charities who reach their fi... [MORE]

Summer holidays approaching... July 18, 2014
The summer holidays are just around the corner and parents will be looking for ways to keep their children entertained whilst schools and playschool... [MORE]

Thank you Trawden Soap Kitchen July 10, 2014
Huge thanks to the lovely Louise from Trawden Soap Kitchen who has donated these gorgeous handmade Camp Nibble soaps for us to sell to raise funds a... [MORE]

Thank you Burgess Pet Care! June 30, 2014
As always huge thanks to Burgess Pet Care and all of the lovely people who have been earning free Excel nuggets for our rescue rabbits via the aweso... [MORE]

Happy bunnies in a lovely new home. June 30, 2014
A lovely photo update of littermates Cooper, Clint, Sue and Conrad looking to be having a wonderful time in their forever home  Thank you so mu... [MORE]

Holly House 20th Birthday Open Day 12th July June 10, 2014
The Holly House team would like to invite you to their 20th anniversary celebratory Open Day taking place on Saturday 12th July 1pm - 4pm. On the d... [MORE]

Bangers and cash! June 09, 2014
Huge thanks to Heidi who has donated her old car for scrap on behalf of Camp Nibble via the brilliant Giveacar scheme. She has raised a fantastic &p... [MORE]

Congratulations to Hayley on her amazing Nibble Nosedive. June 07, 2014
Congratulations to our amazing supporter Hayley who has leaped out of a plane for us today in her wonderful 'Nibble Nosedive' to raise a bun-tastic ... [MORE]

Ruby Eyes Rock! May 27, 2014
We're feeling big love here today for our gorgeous ruby-eyed rescue bunnies. They really do take longer on average to find new homes...bonkers I k... [MORE]

Do you check your rabbit's teeth? May 24, 2014
Do your rabbits have dental checks? This poor bunny is an unwanted child’s pet that has joined us very recently, he is nearly three years old.... [MORE]

Rabbit Awareness Week 2014 May 10, 2014
Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) are calling upon owners of the UK’s one million pet rabbits to make ‘One Small Hop’ to improve their p... [MORE]

Miffy and Loki - Former Camp Nibble rescue bunnies enjoying their forever home. April 13, 2014
Miffy and Loki former Camp Nibble rescue bunnies happy in their forever home - Could you give a pair of rescue rabbits a wonderful loving home? If s... [MORE]

Raise funds every time you shop online! April 04, 2014
Thanks to our supporters shopping online, we've now raised £1,159.82 with easyfundraising. You can help us by registering for free with easyfu... [MORE]

The Nibble Shop is open for business! March 28, 2014
The Nibble Shop is powered by 5% of all sales will be donated to Camp Nibble. The Nibble Shop is open for business! If you like to buy... [MORE]

Pledge a Pound - Supporting UK rabbit rescues March 18, 2014
Pledge a Pound is a fab group who fundraise and support rabbit rescues all over the UK including Camp Nibble. They would love some more members on t... [MORE]

Please vaccinate your pet rabbits! March 16, 2014
We would like to urge all bunny owners to please ensure that their bunny’s annual vaccinations are kept up to date. We have received the follo... [MORE]

Goodbye No-eyed Bev, you'll be missed. March 14, 2014
We sadly lost our lovely sanctuary piggy No-eyed Bev yesterday. Bev had been part of the Camp Nibble family for three years and was a joy to know. B... [MORE]

Petplan UK Animal Charity Team of the Year award nomination. March 10, 2014
Smile Baxter! We've been nominated for a Petplan Animal Charity Team of the Year award We have no idea who has nominated us. However, thank you... [MORE]

Best of luck in your new home Eve. March 08, 2014
Eve's Story   ... [MORE]

Happy Valentine's Day! February 14, 2014
... [MORE]

Please help us to win £100! February 10, 2014
Our lovely fundraising friends at Animal ArkAid need more ‘likes’ on their Facebook page to help promote their fabulous work. They raise... [MORE]

Binky free Branston February 06, 2014
We’re very sad today to say goodbye to Branston one of our much loved permanent residents who passed away peacefully during the night in his s... [MORE]

Take Action! Rabbits need your help. January 21, 2014
Our important government e-petition has received the very disappointing response below from Defra: This response is unacceptable - We need... [MORE]

Campaign Update January 15, 2014
Our e-petition urging the government to introduce a much needed code of practice for the welfare of domestic rabbits has received the following very... [MORE]

Don't call me boring! January 10, 2014
... [MORE]

Happy New Year! January 01, 2014
Happy New Year everybody and thank you so much for all your support in 2013. ... [MORE]

Animals successfully re-homed in 2013 December 30, 2013
As the year draws to an end we'd like to say a huge thank you to all of the wonderful people who have given our rescue animals loving forever homes ... [MORE]

A Sanctuary Christmas Thank You December 22, 2013
A huge thank you from our sanctuary animals to all of the wonderful people who have bought them presents and sponsored them this Christmas.  ... [MORE]

Christmas presents have started to arrive! December 11, 2013
Oh no, naughty Michael Bublé bunny has found the Christmas presents! Don’t tell the others what they are getting Boob!! We’ve h... [MORE]

Thank you to Holly and Sarah! December 01, 2013
Thank you so much to Holly and Sarah who have raised a wonderful £52 by running a cake stall on our behalf. They had lots of interest and were... [MORE]

Fun ways to help our rescue animals this Christmas. November 29, 2013
Fun ways to help our rescue animals in the run up to Christmas: 1) AMAZON WISHLIST - Our rescue animals have been busy writing their Christmas lis... [MORE]

Think outside 'the hutch'! November 24, 2013
The minimum hutch size for a pair of medium sized rabbits as recommended by welfare organisations is 6ftx2ftx2ft. Access to an additional large atta... [MORE]

Feed your rabbits the correct way! November 06, 2013
The ideal diet for your rabbits:   1. At least their own body size in good quality hay each day (it is best to allow constant access to clea... [MORE]

Please support Leeds Cat Rescue's Autumn Fair November 03, 2013
... [MORE]

The Quilting Rabbit November 03, 2013
Please support this lovely new website who will be donating 10% of their profits back to charity (including Camp Nibble) http://www.thequiltingrabb... [MORE]

Fireworks aren't fun if you're a bun! November 01, 2013
With Bonfire night approaching please make sure that you’ve given some thought into keeping your pets safe and relaxed. It can be a very worry... [MORE]

Bunnies just want to have fun! October 26, 2013
Bunnies just want to have fun! Please SIGN and SHARE our important rabbit welfare e-petition to urge the government to introduce a much needed cod... [MORE]

Bag Packing Volunteers needed - Sainsburys Moortown 1st Dec October 22, 2013
To make the day a success we need lots of helping hands. If you would like to volunteer to help out on the day please fill out the short volunteer... [MORE]

A very lucky Tilly 2! October 11, 2013
New arrival Tilly 2 went in to the vets for her routine spay operation yesterday. She is six years old and appeared to be in full health.... [MORE]

Life with pets magazine October 05, 2013
Wilf was very proud to see a photo of himself feature in the first edition of Life with Pets magazine! We were also really pleased to be intervie... [MORE]

Barks and Bunnies - Camp Nibble guest blog. October 01, 2013
Please check out our guest blog on the Barks and Bunnies website: Barks and Bunn... [MORE]

Two great new prizes added to the Camp Nibble 'Little Nibblers' quiz! September 26, 2013
We've had two fabulous new prizes donated to the Camp Nibble 'Little Nibblers' quiz. Huge thanks to Emily Dowrick - Animal Portraits for donat... [MORE]

Mummy, I promise I'll look after it! September 11, 2013
Please SIGN and SHARE our important e-petition to urge the government to introduce a code of practice for the welfare of domestic rabbits: http://ep... [MORE]

Looking Back September 06, 2013
Looking Back Please help to make the 'traditional' method of rabbit keeping a very distant memory by signing and sharing our important rabbit wel... [MORE]

Please support The Camp Nibble 'little nibblers' Quiz. August 31, 2013
Please all support this fun fundraiser which has been organised on our behalf by buying your Camp Nibble 'little nibblers' themed q... [MORE]

The Great Big Small Charity Draw - Have you bought your tickets? August 27, 2013
We have signed up to the Foundation for Social Improvment (FSI) annual raffle, which is known as The Great Big Small Charity Draw. You can buy ticke... [MORE]

A sad goodbye to Bernadette August 24, 2013
A very sad day as we have had to say goodbye to Bernadette one of our much loved sanctuary bunnies. Bernadette was found two years ago in someone's ... [MORE]

A big donation and a thank you August 20, 2013
As a small independent charity we really appreciate every single penny donated to us, and an extremely generous donation has recently come our way f... [MORE]

Can you handle a bunny like me? August 20, 2013
Rabbits are wonderful, intelligent creatures. However, they are often very misunderstood animals taken on with very unrealistic expectations. They&r... [MORE]

A message from our rescue bunnies - Please watch! August 14, 2013
... [MORE]

Rabbits need space! August 11, 2013
... [MORE]

Happy bunnies August 09, 2013
... [MORE]

RWAF Press release: Rabbit Charity's Two-Eared Summer Message: Want rabbits? Do your homework! If you're still sure then please rescue! August 04, 2013
Sales of pet rabbits increase dramatically at the start of the summer holidays and the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund (RWAF) is asking parent... [MORE]

PRESS RELEASE - Charity launches government e-petition to address UK pet rabbit welfare crisis July 17, 2013
Charity launches government e-petition to address UK pet rabbit welfare crisis - rescue char... [MORE]

Rabbit Welfare in the UK - Something has to change. July 16, 2013
Rabbit Welfare in the UK..... Something has to change! by Hannah Potts Despite our charity opening its doors to many types of small animal consi... [MORE]

RSPCA support for our government e-petition July 04, 2013
We're delighted to see the RSPCA supporting our government e-petition urging the goverment to introduce a code of practice for the welfare of domest... [MORE]

You can order pressies for our rescue animals from The Barking Lot in Wetherby July 02, 2013
For anyone wanting to support an ethical, rescue friendly local business please consider ordering your pet supplies from:   The Barking Lot o... [MORE]

Cute!! June 29, 2013
Please do your research before taking rabbits on as pets. They are sensitive animals with complex needs. We have lots of useful information/lin... [MORE]

Animal Ark Aid Jumble Sale 22nd June 2013 June 20, 2013
... [MORE]

Our Sainsburys bag packing fundraiser is a great success! June 14, 2013
Huge thanks to our fantastic team of bag packing volunteers last Saturday. You were all wonderful and worked so hard. The fundraiser was a great suc... [MORE]

Join in the Happy Habit Challenge! June 13, 2013
Take on the happy habit challenge this summer We’ve all got bad habits we’d rather we were rid of. Why not turn them int... [MORE]

Kleeneze and Bents sponsor sanctuary bunnies Branston and Marcus May 15, 2013
  Branston is Supported by Kleeneze – the UK’s favourite suppliers of home, garden, health and beauty products (they have a sm... [MORE]

Camp Nibble in the News! May 13, 2013
Bernadette bunny and I have made page 3 ha ha! Full article here: [MORE]

Kingsway vet's Bunny Bonanza May 12, 2013
Great day today with our rabbit awareness stall at Kingsway vet's Bunny Bonanza. This event was held to support Rabbit Awareness Week. Lovely chat... [MORE]

Charity auction success! May 10, 2013
A massive thank you to Lola and Jessica bunnies for their amazing Facebook charity auction in aid of Henderson Bradley the french lop, and ever... [MORE]

Bag Packing Volunteers needed! May 04, 2013
If you would like to offer to help with our bag packing fundraiser on 8th June at Sainsburys Moortown Leeds we'd love to hear from you. To... [MORE]

The Big Give charities raffle - Top prize £2000! April 26, 2013
Camp Nibble is proud to be taking part in the very first Big Give Charities Raffle and we hope you will be keen to support us - and be in with a cha... [MORE]

Please SIGN and SHARE our petition to improve the lives of the UK's pet rabbits. April 25, 2013
Despite being the UK’s third most popular pet, with an estimated 1.6 million currently kept. Rabbits have been identified as the MOST neglec... [MORE]

Thank you Lush Spa Leeds April 21, 2013
We would like to say an enormous thank you to the lovely team at Lush Spa Leeds and their wonderful customers. Lush spent an entire week fundraisin... [MORE]

Charity auction in memory of Henderson the french lop April 21, 2013
Please check out this fabulous charity auction that has been organised on our behalf in memory of Henderson the french lop.  Get Bidding! htt... [MORE]

Four cheeky faces born during the night! April 14, 2013
Leona joined us along with her two brothers Mikey and Donny who have since found a home. They were a surprise arrival after their original owner bou... [MORE]

Could you give Bianca and Randy the loving home they deserve? April 08, 2013
Bianca and Randy have joined us after being rescued by a local pony sanctuary. Both bunnies are nearly two years old. They are both good natured med... [MORE]

Is Barney our first abandoned Easter Bunny! April 02, 2013
Abandoned Easter bunnies arriving already!! Barney is a crossbreed bunny who has joined us today. We estimate that he is only around three months ol... [MORE]

A huge thank you to Runaround from our sanctuary rabbits. March 25, 2013
Our group of sanctuary dental buns love their new runaround set up. They can hop between the two under runs and five hutches of various sizes as the... [MORE]

Huge thanks to Lush Spa Leeds who are raising awareness of rabbit welfare issues on our behalf. March 25, 2013
Thank you so much to Lush Spa in Leeds town centre who are fundraising and raising awareness of rabbit welfare issues for an entire week o... [MORE]

Baby bunnies needing names! March 23, 2013
Bunny naming fundraiser. We have four cheeky new arrivals needing names. The top bunnies are 13 weeks old and their little brothers below are 9 wee... [MORE]

Make Mine Chocolate March 20, 2013
In support of the Make Mine Chocolate campaign we do not re-home any rabbits over Easter weekend & bank holiday. ... [MORE]

Dog's Easter Treasure Hunt March 20, 2013
Please support our friends at Animal Ark Aid. They are a wonderful group fundraising for local animal charities including Camp Nibble. Their next ev... [MORE]

Toys R not us! March 19, 2013
... [MORE]

Are you feeding your rabbits correctly? March 12, 2013
We've had a very sad reminder today of why a correct diet is so essential for the health of bunnies. Our gentle giant Wilf has been x-rayed by our r... [MORE]

Recycle your old clothes on behalf of Camp Nibble March 11, 2013
We can now accept donations of clothing! We have teamed up with fundraisers the Charity Ecosystem, who collect donations of good quality clothing f... [MORE]

Give your bunnies a life worth living! March 09, 2013
Please watch our latest video and take a look at our housing gallery for inspiration on how to give your bunnies a great life. ... [MORE]

Farewell to Bev 2 March 03, 2013
We are very sad today to say goodbye to Bev 2 one of our sanctuary guinea pigs. Bev 2 passed away peacefully during the night. It has come as ... [MORE]

'Everybunny needs Somebunny' awareness video featuring our supporters loved up bunnies! February 14, 2013
... [MORE]

Please watch our campaign video 'Something has to change' February 01, 2013
Something has to change!               ... [MORE]

Waitrose shoppers we need your help this Febuary! January 27, 2013
Camp Nibble has been chosen as one of the three charities to take part in the Community Matters token scheme at our local Waitrose store during Febu... [MORE]

Own them right! January 25, 2013
... [MORE]

All pet rabbits need..... January 21, 2013
... [MORE]

Could you take on a Charity Challenge? January 16, 2013
View the many available challenges here: ... [MORE]

Waitrose Meanwood customers please nominate Camp Nibble December 28, 2012
Waitrose Community Matters If you shop at our local Waitrose branch in Meanwood North Leeds please nominate Camp Nibble as yo... [MORE]

Thanks to Emma for raising awareness with this cool poster! December 19, 2012
One of our kind supporters has created this cool poster to help raise awareness of local small animals in need. Many thanks to Emma for the support... [MORE]

Make Mine Chocolate - Christmas message 2012 December 07, 2012
... [MORE]

A reminder of the importance of neutering all female rabbits. December 03, 2012
Ruby (5 years old) and her daughter Mae (4 years old) are safely back home after being spayed today. Like so many middle aged female rabbits uterine... [MORE]

Camp Nibble - Giveacar Press Release November 21, 2012
Press Release: 21/11/2012 NEW INITIATIVE TURNS SCRAP CARS INTO CASH FOR LOCAL LEEDS CHARITY A Leeds charity is serving up a “bangers and ca... [MORE]

Please pop along and see us at the Leeds Cat Rescue Autumn Fair! November 10, 2012
... [MORE]

Exposed - Factory farming's best kept secret. November 10, 2012
Rabbit Battery Farming The following text and video is from the Compassion in world farming (CIWF) website: Exposed: factory farming’s best ... [MORE]

RWAF press release - Abandoned rabbits - It's worse than we thought November 06, 2012
Abandoned rabbits - it's worse than we thought   Rabbit abandonment increases to 67,000 November 06, 2012, Press Dispensary. New figures f... [MORE]

Camp Nibble gets a mention in 'Rabbiting On' November 01, 2012
We're excited to have had a mention in this Winter's edition of 'Rabbiting On' the fantastic magazine for rabbit lovers produced by the RWAF. ... [MORE]

Press Release - Newhay and Camp Nibble October 09, 2012
“HAY FOR A DAY” CAMPAIGN HELPS RACK UP BIG DONATION FOR CAMP NIBBLE Leeds small animal charity CAMP NIBBLE is getting ready for a bu... [MORE]

Hop to it - The fantastic new guide to rabbit care from the RWAF October 07, 2012
The Rabbit Welfare Association are the UK authority on rabbit welfare in the UK. We highly recommend that anyone considering or currently owning rab... [MORE]

Animal Ark Aid fun dog show 23rd Sept 2012 September 15, 2012
... [MORE]

A happy ending for Maude and Monica September 15, 2012
Like so many bunnies Monica & Maude ended up in rescue when their family became 'bored' of them. We are delighted that they are finally being ap... [MORE]

Newhay Feeds 'Hay for a Day' campaign. Help earn free hay for our rescue animals! September 01, 2012
Hay for a Day! Newhay Feeds are delighted to be partnering up with Camp Nibble as one of our official charities for 2012 where we hope to support... [MORE]

Animal Ark Aid Fun & Friendly Dog Show 23rd September August 31, 2012
Animal Ark Aid Fun & Friendly Dog Show Sunday 23rd September 2012    On the 23rd September 2012 Animal ArkAid are holding the... [MORE]

Please keep your rabbits vaccinations up to date August 29, 2012
A message from the RWAF: 'We're receiving alerts from across the UK about serious outbreaks of Myxomatosis and also a possible concentration of VHD... [MORE]

Hop to it - RWAF guide to rabbit care August 18, 2012
*The message below is taken from the RWAF blog. Please help support their vital education work. Here at Camp Nibble we find the educational l... [MORE]

A new home for Pootle and Cloud finally! August 13, 2012
After an eighteen month stay at Camp Nibble we are over the moon to have found Pootle and Cloud the wonderful forever home that they so deserve. Th... [MORE]

Bag Pack Success! Thank you to Sainsbury's Moortown August 05, 2012
We would like to say a huge thank you to Sainsbury's Moortown for allowing us to fundraise in store today. Our bag packing fundraiser was a big suc... [MORE]

Gorgeous foursome of bunnies in need of a home. July 24, 2012
This two year old foursome joined us along with seven of their family members. They are a great example of how important it is for rabbits to be cor... [MORE]

Volunteers needed on 5th August! July 09, 2012
Can you help? We desperately need volunteers for a bag packing fundraiser that we have organised at Sainsburys Moortown on Sunday 5th August 10am ... [MORE]

A message from the RWAF July 04, 2012
The Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund say: 'Most of the calls the helpline is taking at the moment are from people that no longer want their rabb... [MORE]

Recycle unwanted jewellery for Camp Nibble July 02, 2012
Recycle, Benefit your Environment & Raise Funds for Camp Nibble. Please donate your unwanted Gold, Silver, Costume Jewellery and Watches.We are... [MORE]

Rabbit Welfare in the UK - Something Has To Change! June 28, 2012
Rabbit Welfare in the UK - Something has to change The main focus of our work currently at Camp Nibble is rabbit welfare. Despite ra... [MORE]

RSPCA launch their 'What bugs a bunny?' Rabbit welfare campaign June 28, 2012
Follow the RSPCA's 'What bugs a bunny?' rabbit welfare campaign on the RSPCA website. The first part of the campaign focuses on spreading 'hay feve... [MORE]

Rabbit/Rodent holiday boarding suggestions June 28, 2012
*Please note we do not offer our own boarding service, the boarding services below are independent of Camp Nibble* Bunny Camp Leeds is run from the... [MORE]

Win a Kia Picanto! The Great Big Small Charity Car Draw June 20, 2012
  For small charities fundraising events can consume time and resources that would otherwise be directed to that charity’s benefici... [MORE]

Huge thank you to the RWAF benevolent fund June 01, 2012
We would like to say an enormous thank you to the Rabbit Welfare Association benevolent fund for their recent grant of £495 to spend on r... [MORE]

Happy Binky Day June 01, 2012
The RWAF have named today Binky Day. Watch their video below to see happy rabbits enjoying a Binky dance. What more proof could you need that 'A hut... [MORE]

Anna bunny spends a week in hospital! May 30, 2012
We are very pleased to have sanctuary bunny Anna back at Camp Nibble after spending a week away at our bunny specialist vets in Harrogate (huge than... [MORE]

Holly House Vets Open Day 16th June May 27, 2012
Holly House veterinary hospital invite you to their Open Day on Saturday 16th June between 12pm and 4pm to join in the fun and take a look ‘be... [MORE]

Could you offer a forever home to this family of bunnies? May 24, 2012
This two year old foursome joined us along with seven of their family members. They are a great example of how important it is for rabbits to be c... [MORE]

Goodbye to two lovely boys. May 22, 2012
A very sad visit to our rabbit specialist vet today. Tragically neither Dom or Gerry 2 have made it back home safely to Camp Nibble. Eight year ol... [MORE]

Baby naming fundraiser! May 21, 2012
Please help to name our cheeky baby bunnies. Our first litter have joined us with their mum at two months old. A kind lady took in mum and dad rab... [MORE]

Could you hold a car boot sale on behalf of Camp Nibble? May 18, 2012
Calling all enthusiastic fundraisers! We have very kindly been donated items for us to sell in order to raise funds for our rescue animals. We curr... [MORE]

Thank you to Yorkshire Building Society Charitable Foundation May 17, 2012
The Yorkshire Building Society Charitable Foundation have very generously donated £450 to Camp Nibble to support our project to improve our ra... [MORE]

Raise funds for Camp Nibble with The Big Give Quiz! May 14, 2012
Take part in the Big Give Quiz and raise funds for Camp Nibble! Camp Nibble is delighted to invite you to take part in the Big Give Quiz at 7:... [MORE]

A huge thank you to Sainsburys Moortown May 13, 2012
We would like to say an enormous: Thank you to Sainsbury's Moortown who have been kind enough to make a weekly donation of fruit and veggies for ... [MORE]

Camp Nibble on Radio 4's You & Yours May 04, 2012
We were on Radio 4's You & Yours programme today! Interesting feature on rabbit abandonment 15 minutes into the programme. Listen out for ... [MORE]

Animal Ark Aid - Curry and Quiz night April 26, 2012
On the 31st May 2012 Animal Ark Aid are holding a curry & quiz night at a fantastic curry house in Horsforth! Tickets are only £15 ... [MORE]

Farewell to Kent rabbit April 20, 2012
A sad day as our lovely sanctuary rabbit Kent passed away during the night. Kent was a lovely laid back boy who was confiscated by the RSP... [MORE]

biOrganics turns 21! - A press release from biOrganics April 18, 2012
biOrganics turns 21!!   biOrganics will be 21 in 2012, and to celebrate, they have some really exciting new products coming to you over the... [MORE]

Spare a thought for bunnies in laboratories this Easter - A press release from the BUAV April 05, 2012
Spare a thought for bunnies in laboratories this Easter - Latest press release from the BUAV At this time of year when we think of Easter bunni... [MORE]

MISSING RABBIT! Have you seen Jasmine? April 04, 2012
*Missing!* Jasmine (formally Helena) was one of our Camp Nibble rescue bunnies who was lucky enough to find a fantastic forever home. Jasmine was a... [MORE]

Ricky Gervais launches global campaign to end cosmetic tests on animals March 17, 2012
Ricky Gervais launches global campaign to end cosmetic tests on animals Cruelty Free International, a new global non-profit organisation spells out... [MORE]

A weekend of new homes for six lucky bunnies. March 11, 2012
We would like to wish Bunny, Herbert, Jane, Kevin, Smudge and Binx all the very best in their new homes. They are all very lucky bunnies who have fo... [MORE]

Animal Ark Aid Jumble Sale - Jumble needed!! March 09, 2012
Animal Ark Aid are a fantastic group of fundraisers who organise events to raise desperately needed funds for local animal charities including ... [MORE]

Please help our friends at Giveacar! March 09, 2012
Here's an appeal for help from our friends at Giveacar: 'I am writing to ask you a favour. We have entered Richard Branson's 'Screw Business as usu... [MORE]

Eleven bunnies join us from one household! March 07, 2012
This family of eleven lionhead crosses are a very good example of why it is so important that rabbits are correctly sexed!! Please double check... [MORE]

BUAV 'Rabbits are Special' competition in aid of No Cruel Cosmetics campaign January 20, 2012
BUAV 'Rabbits are Special' competition in aid of No Cruel Cosmetics campaign‏. Please upload a picture of your rabbit with a description abou... [MORE]

Farewell Peter January 18, 2012
Floods of tears have been shed as we say goodbye to Peter rabbit after ten years. Not a Camp Nibble rescue rabbit but a great friend and v... [MORE]

Super sized Bernadette! January 17, 2012
Poor Bernadette joined us three days ago. She is a good example of why its so very important for all rabbits to have a natural diet and access ... [MORE]

£500 towards our neutering and vaccination project from Mars in the community/Leeds Community Foundation January 07, 2012
We are extremely grateful to Mars in the Community and the Leeds Community Foundation for awarding us with a recent grant of £500 towards our ... [MORE]

Thank you to Holly House vets. January 05, 2012     ... [MORE]

Happy New Year! January 01, 2012
Happy New Year to all of our supporters. We hope 2012 is your best year yet. We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped and su... [MORE]

Unwanted Christmas Presents? December 27, 2011
We hope that you all had a brilliant Christmas. We had a lovely day here and made sure that Santa visited all of the rescue animals. We have some ve... [MORE]

Camp Nibble recommends Ryedale Rabbit Hutches! December 24, 2011
The minimum hutch size for a medium sized pair of rabbits as recommended by welfare organisations is 6ftx2ftx2ft. This is the bare minimum that rabb... [MORE]

Message from the Rabbit Welfare Association - A nightmare before Christmas! December 23, 2011
You will find it hard to watch this videoThis video is distressing, but it proves why the 'A Hutch is Not Enough' campaign is so essential. Rabbit... [MORE]

Our Marley Haley prize has arrived! December 15, 2011
We were over the moon to be the winners of Marler Haley's recent charity competition.  Thank you so much to everyone who voted for us we ... [MORE]

Important xmas message to bunny owners from the Rabbit Welfare Association December 07, 2011
There is no response from Santa because you, the rabbit owner, are the only one who can grant these wishes.   Rabbits are the ... [MORE]

£500 has been donated to Camp Nibble by the co-operative membership community fund. November 29, 2011
We would like to say an emormous thank you to the co-operative membership community fund for their extremely kind donation of £500. We are un... [MORE]

Happy endings! November 27, 2011
We are so happy as Rachel guinea pig has made a full recovery (well almost!) and found a wonderful new home with a new friend called Ruby. ... [MORE]

Pledge a Pound Online Launch Party November 18, 2011
Pledge a pound was set up to help lesser known rescues and sanctuaries that care for rabbits and guinea pigs. Their aim is to help raise funds ... [MORE]

We need your vote!! November 17, 2011
We were hoping that you might be able to help us? We have just been shortlisted as one of three finalists in a competition to win &po... [MORE]

Animal Ark Aid Sponsored Walk November 03, 2011
If you are local please help support this fantastic team of animal fundraisers and take part in the Animal Ark Aid Sponsored walk at Roundhay park o... [MORE]

Thank you to the children and teachers of Meadow Park November 03, 2011
We would like to say a huge thank you to all of the children and teachers at Meadow Park (based at Benton Park School). We visited the children to... [MORE]

Please help to support Camp Nibble over Christmas November 03, 2011
Winter is always a very slow period of re-homing for rabbit rescues. However, the animals in our care all still need looking after and our vet, bedd... [MORE] competition entry October 13, 2011
The good people at are currently running a competition giving charities a chance of winning £300 worth of vouchers ... [MORE]

Well done Nikki and pals! October 02, 2011
An enormous thank you and well done to Nikki and friends who have raised a fantastic £184.50 (plus gift aid) through the sponsored walk they o... [MORE]

New arrivals needing names! September 10, 2011
We woke up to find four very cheeky new faces this morning! Rachel guinea pig has given birth to four beautiful, healthy little piggies. Rac... [MORE]

A huge thank you and well done to Ella and Skyliner Fish and Chips. September 02, 2011
Ella recently helped us by giving Honey the hamster a fantastic new home.   However, that wasn't enough for young Ella and she went the ext... [MORE]

Join our charity convoy to help us win £3000! August 23, 2011
Dorset cereals have a really fun game on their website at the moment. Its completely free to play and you are in with a chance of winning a VW campe... [MORE]

New homes for lucky bunnies August 14, 2011
After a very quiet period of rabbit re-homing Its been a busy weekend here at Camp Nibble with lots of our lovely bunnies finding super new homes. ... [MORE]

Animal Ark Aid - Fun Dog Show July 11, 2011
Animal Ark Aid are a fantastic group of animal lovers who raise funds for local animal rescues like us to help us continue our work. Their next fun... [MORE]

Could you donate any tombola prizes? June 15, 2011
We will be holding a Tombola stall again at this year's Kirkstall festival on Saturday 9th July 2011. This is a large event held each year... [MORE]

Convert your scrap car into money for charity! June 12, 2011
... [MORE] Play! Give! Win! May 24, 2011
The most exciting way to donate online. 80% of every ticket comes directly to us here at Camp Nibble. These are no ordinary raffles. These are supe... [MORE]

A Hutch Is Not Enough! May 24, 2011
Fantastic new film by the Rabbit Welfare Association. Says it all really!!   ... [MORE]

Fantastic new homes! May 14, 2011
After a very slow winter we are delighted that Spring has brought with it lots of wonderful homes for our rescue bunnies. As always we still have ne... [MORE]

William and Kate and a very happy new mum! May 10, 2011
" I thought that it would be really difficult to choose my new family. There were so many gorgeous bunnies to choose from. T had a short-l... [MORE]

Win a Brand New Fiat 500! May 07, 2011
The Great Big small Charity Car Draw   For small charities like ours, fundraising events can consume time and resources that would otherwi... [MORE]

Easter photo competition winner announced! April 24, 2011
A huge thank you to everyone who entered our Easter photo competition, we are extremely grateful for your support. We love seeing everyone's beautif... [MORE]

A tribute to Angie bunny April 14, 2011
Lots of tears have been shed at Camp Nibble today as Angie our fantastic sanctuary bunny passed away during the night aged nine and a half.  &... [MORE]

Fun Easter photo competition April 02, 2011
Easter can be a very worrying time for rabbit shelters with many people still buying live rabbits for children as Easter presents! We are in full su... [MORE]

Rosy & Alice enjoying their forever home. March 26, 2011
Dear Camp Nibble, It's almost a year since we adopted our beloved rabbits from Camp Nibble and I wanted to write and give you an update on thei... [MORE]

Please join in our Lent Challenge! March 12, 2011
Like nearly all animal rescue charities we are currently struggling to make ends meet. The number of animals being abandoned by their owners ju... [MORE]

We need your jumble! March 08, 2011
Animal Ark Aid are a dedicated team of fundraisers who raise money for local animal causes through their fun fundraising events. They are hard at... [MORE]

Sponsored silence success. March 08, 2011
We are extremely grateful for the support of Emma, Ella and Shauna who all managed to successfully stay silent at school for a whole hour under... [MORE]

Please help name our baby bunnies! February 25, 2011
*All six bunnies have now been named, many thanks!*   We have a litter of six very cheeky baby rabbits who have been surrendered through... [MORE]

10% discount at My Pet Stop January 29, 2011
We used to provide a small animal boarding service and are always being asked for boarding recommendations by ex-customers and new owners adopting... [MORE]

Could you fundraise for Camp Nibble? January 20, 2011
We are currently completely full and sadly have quite a few animals in poor health to worry about at the moment. We of course have to prioritise t... [MORE]

We'll miss you Ada January 14, 2011
A very sad day today for Camp Nibble as our wonderful sanctuary rabbit Ada (aka Makka Pakka!) has sadly passed away.   Ada a beau... [MORE]

Animal sponsorship now available - Great xmas gift! December 04, 2010
Sadly not all of the rescue animals that join us are able to be re-homed. A small number will remain with us for the rest of their lives as sanctu... [MORE]

Animal Ark Aid November 29, 2010
Animal Ark Aid has been set up by a small group of local animal lovers. They aim to prevent cruelty and help neglected animals by using ... [MORE]

Free food thanks to Tim guinea pig and Burgess November 12, 2010
  Tim guinea pig is a former resident of Camp Nibble who has been lucky enough to find a fantastic forever home. Tim hasn't forgott... [MORE]

Many thanks to the Irwin Mitchell Charities Foundation October 23, 2010
We would like to say a huge thank you to Clare at Irwin Mitchell Solicitors for nominating Camp Nibble to receive a donation from the Irwin Mitche... [MORE]

Thank you Elaine Broadbent Chiropody September 07, 2010
We would like to say a huge thank you to Elaine Broadbent Chiropody in Garforth and all of their clients who bought raffle tickets in aid of Camp ... [MORE]

Bye Bye Nobby August 27, 2010
Its been a very sad day at Camp Nibble as our gorgeous fluffy sanctuary bunny Nobby has passed away. Nobby had a long list of very serious health ... [MORE]

Many thanks! August 18, 2010
A few thank you's this week......   A huge thank you to Holly House Vets (Moortown), The Avenue Vet Group (Bingley), Harcourt Brown vet... [MORE]

Win a brand new mini! August 13, 2010
*This competition is now closed!*   The Great Big small Charity Car Draw   For small charities, fundraising events can consume time a... [MORE]

Camp Nibble obtains registered charity status August 11, 2010
We are delighted that today Camp Nibble has officially been granted registered charity status. Our registered charity number is 1137407.  ... [MORE]

Duncan Doughnut new fundraising volunteer! August 10, 2010
Our latest fundraising volunteer is Duncan our pet St Bernard. Duncan loves attention and cuddles and hopes that he can help pull in the crowds at... [MORE]

Many thanks to the Rabbits United Forum August 04, 2010
We would like to say a huge thank you to the Rabbits United Forum for their fantastic pledge a pound fundraiser. This brilliant fundraiser helps b... [MORE]

We need names! July 19, 2010
We have eight gorgeous baby bunnies needing names, can you help?   These eight cheeky babies are all related and have joined us after a... [MORE]

Two new sanctuary bunnies July 15, 2010
Nobby and Ada have joined Angie as Camp Nibble sanctuary bunnies. All of our sanctuary bunnies have serious ongoing health issues and will re... [MORE]

Knine & Kitty care rescue - Animal Roadshow Funday July 14, 2010
We will be holding a Camp Nibble fundraising stall with great prizes to be won at Knine & Kitty care's Animal Roadshow Funday in Halifax ... [MORE]

Kirkstall festival - Tombola success! July 10, 2010
Our tombola stall at the Kirkstall festival was a great success. We raised a whooping £300 which shall be used towards our ongo... [MORE]

No room left at the inn! June 29, 2010
We are currently experiencing an unusually high number of people contacting us to surrender their pets. Some are very genuine cases many... [MORE]

Do you have access to a van? June 09, 2010
From time to time we are offered larger items by members of the public such as large hutches and runs. Sadly, we have to decline many of these kin... [MORE]

Turtle Power! June 08, 2010
Despite being a rabbit/rodent rescue Camp Nibble has several rescue turtles/terrapins in need of loving homes.   These fantastic creat... [MORE]

Tombola prizes needed! June 06, 2010
We are currently organising a Tombola stall to be held at this year's Kirkstall festival on the 10th July. This is a large event held each year... [MORE]

Oliver's new home at Parrot Zoo May 19, 2010
A tiring but exciting day today as we have driven a six hour round trip to safely deliver Oliver the cockatiel to his new home with the Natio... [MORE]

Some surprise new homes May 03, 2010
After spending over two years in different rescue shelters and becoming part of the furniture here, Clover and Frank have finally been r... [MORE]

Thanks! May 03, 2010
A huge thank you to Kev, Bridgett, Vicki and Lisa who have all donated food and treats for the rescue animals this week.   You are all... [MORE]

Well done Lucas! April 29, 2010
We would like to say a huge thank you to 10 year old Lucas who has raised an amazing £100 to help our rescue animals.   Luca... [MORE]

Lots of new friends for Benjy, Nancy, Robert and Rodney. April 22, 2010
Carefully chosen for their reliable temperaments Benjy and his wife Nancy and brothers Robert and Rodney have been adopted by a special ... [MORE]

Baby bunnies needing names April 16, 2010
We have lots of new faces this week as we have agreed to take in fourteen rabbits in need. Seven of which are already with us, the others we expec... [MORE]

The Yorkshire Evening Post runs an article on Camp Nibble! April 01, 2010
Camp Nibble has made the papers! Not much mention of the fact that the animals in our care are desperately in search of new homes. Or that th... [MORE]

New Arrivals March 28, 2010
There are several new faces here at Camp Nibble this week all with very sad stories.   Nancy the albino lop was eventually caught after... [MORE]

New Homes March 27, 2010
Great new homes this weekend for Harriet and Jeremy rabbits, Jonty the chinchilla, Paris and Nicole degus, two dumbo rat brothers and four of our ... [MORE]

New homes for Cabbage, Janet, Robin & Rupert March 07, 2010
A good week of rabbit re-homing this week. Sweet little Cabbage has left us to live with a new wife called Mabel and fiesty Janet h... [MORE]

Thank you Kim, Jill & Sarah Brown! February 28, 2010
A big thank you to Kim for the fantastic gerbilarium that she has donated. Simon and Alvin our permanent gerbil residents are absolutely delighted... [MORE]

Fancy mice find homes. February 28, 2010
We have successfully found homes for seven of our gorgeous fancy mice family this weekend. After no-one at all showing any interest in them f... [MORE]

Animals being dumped! February 22, 2010
As we are a small home-based rescue with limited capacity we are pretty much full at all times. Our admissions policy is having to become strict. ... [MORE]

Lots of great new homes February 21, 2010
We are thrilled that Stella, Heidi and Bambi the beautiful Netherland dwarf trio have found a home together. The trio have been in rescue for most... [MORE]

A happy ending for Carol and Clive. February 13, 2010
Carol and Clive guinea pigs have found themselves a fabulous forever home. They will be living with a guinea pig mad fami... [MORE]

Leroy and Cliff both have new partners. February 10, 2010
Leroy the rabbit and Cliff the baby guinea pig have both been adopted by the same bunny mad couple. They won't be living together though. Leroy wi... [MORE]

A forever home for Gracie finally. February 06, 2010
Gracie is a stunning two year old English rabbit who through no fault of her own has spent her life so far in rescue shelters. She came to Camp Ni... [MORE]

A home at last for One-Eyed Jill! January 31, 2010
We are delighted that One-Eyed Jill the gerbil has finally found herself a great new home after being overlooked for so long. Her new owner has bo... [MORE]

An Adventure for Kawaii January 22, 2010
Little Kawaii the Roborovski hamster has finally found a fantastic home. She packed her little suitcase and set off on her travels by train to Old... [MORE]

Camp Nibble has been recognised as a charitable organisation by HMRC January 15, 2010
We have moved a significant step towards our goal of becoming a registered charity. Camp Nibble has today been recognised as a charitable organisa... [MORE]

Love is in the air at Camp Nibble! January 13, 2010
Baby and Kent rabbits arrived at the shelter with very different stories. Love has blossomed and they are tonight spending their first night toget... [MORE]

There’s now two easy ways for you to help raise funds for Camp Nibble! January 11, 2010
Shop Online and Raise Funds  easyfundraising is a shopping directory listing some of your favourite online stores including Argos, Nex... [MORE]

A big operation for brave clive January 06, 2010
Clive the guinea pig was surrendered on New Year's Eve with an enormous tumour which was highly infected. Surgery to remove the tumour has been su... [MORE]

New homes for Betty and Ruby & Scampi January 02, 2010
Great news for Betty the English Spot cross and Ruby and Scampi the guinea pigs. They have all found their forever homes.   Betty has b... [MORE]

A Huge Thank You To Green Gates Cattery December 29, 2009
Green Gates boarding cattery in Horsforth Leeds have been extremely generous and have donated some much needed pet supplies to Camp Nibble. &n... [MORE]

Happy Christmas From Liquorice and Stripy December 19, 2009
Liquorice and Stripy guinea pigs have emailed over a Christmas greeting for everyone at Camp Nibble. You two look amazing! Merry Christmas to you ... [MORE]

A new home and buddy for Lister December 17, 2009
We are delighted that Lister the degu has been re-homed to live with his new buddy Pete the degu.   We will really miss the littl... [MORE]

A busy day! December 12, 2009
Nine gorgeous bunnies have joined us today from a Newcastle based rescue shelter. A warm welcome to Gracie, Clover & Frank, Stella Tilly &... [MORE]

A new home for Poppy and Petal the multimammates December 10, 2009
We had no experience of multimammates before Poppy and Petal came into the rescue. They are such a sweet pair and won us over straight away. We we... [MORE]

Baby the chinchilla has a new friend called Cindy December 09, 2009
Baby the chinchilla has been re-homed as a friend for another lonely chinchilla called Cindy. Fingers crossed that they can be successfully bonded... [MORE]

Ollie the Netherland Dwarf has been successfully re-homed December 06, 2009
Ollie the Netherland dwarf is the sweetest looking man ever. I think he's plotting trouble most of the time though! He has been re-homed on a tria... [MORE]

Judith and Abigail have found themselves great new homes! December 05, 2009
Judith and Abigail rabbits have both been successfully re-homed to different homes today. Judith has gone to live with a gorgeous lop called Denni... [MORE]

A huge thank you to Sarah Brown from Holly House. December 04, 2009
Camp Nibble and Simon the gerbil would like to say a huge thank you to Sarah Brown from Holly House vets for successfully removing a scent gl... [MORE]

We urgently need your help! November 30, 2009
The rescue animals at Camp Nibble urgently need you to help us to become a registered charity. Camp Nibble is a new rescue shelter and w... [MORE]

Baby bunnies hoping to spend xmas in their new home. November 29, 2009
You could give a pair of these beautiful baby buns the best Christmas present ever by offering them a new home. Click here for details of rabbits ... [MORE]