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Our sanctuary bunny of the month for August is Sam

(August 17, 2021)
Sam is a little piece of Camp Nibble history as one of the first bunnies we ever rescued as a charity back in 2009. He was originally rescued as a baby from rat-infested conditions along with his parents and his 5 littermates.
He eventually found a new home after a few months of getting overlooked (due to being a shy boy and a crossbreed) and has been well cared for in the meantime. However, he has come back to us just shy of his 12th birthday! (all of our re-homed rabbits have support for life). He hasn’t aged a day to look at, it's unbelievable. If we didn’t know it to be true, we would never believe he was such an elderly chap. Having been part of an unplanned litter and a crossbreed with healthy uppy ears and a good mix of genes seems to have really worked in your favour Sam.
Sam bunny of the month

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