About Us

Our charity is run by us (Hannah and Stephen) on an entirely voluntary basis from our own home, and the homes of our trusted fosterers. 

Camp Nibble was originally established as a rabbit and rodent rescue and re-homing charity. We are proud to have rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed around 2,000 previously abandoned and neglected small animals to a high standard since 2009.

Alongside rescuing/re-homing on a smaller scale we have now turned our attention and experience to focusing on helping the most vulnerable special needs animals in rescue. We now operate predominantly as a special needs sanctuary providing a loving retirement home to rescued animals who are generally not suitable for re-homing due to complex health or behavioural issues. Our sanctuary animals join us from reputable rescue organisations to aid them in freeing up a valuable rescue space, or in some cases as injured/unwell strays from vets. We are dedicated to giving these special needs small animals the second chance, and loving retirement they deserve.

Any animals given sanctuary will be housed and looked after to a very high standard, receiving all vet care needed for as long as our trusted vets recommend this to be in their best interests.

We are passionate about animal welfare in general. However, rabbit welfare has become a focus of Camp Nibble as a charity. This is simply because in the UK rabbits have been identified as the most neglected and cruelly treated pet, and are in desperate need of support. We also work to educate the public on the proper needs of domestic rabbits, and to raise awareness of rabbit welfare issues wherever possible.

We are very proud to have Frances Harcourt-Brown (recently retired recognised rabbit specialist vet) as our charity patron.

In Oct 2015 (much to our surprise) we were named UK Points of Light by the Prime Minister for our voluntary work helping animals: http://www.campnibble.com/news_95172.html
We are extremely grateful for your support. Please click here for the many ways in which you can help support Camp Nibble.

*If you have previously adopted an animal from us when we were operating predominantly as a re-homing charity, and are looking to offer another rescue animal a home please do drop us a line. Due to us still helping with the most urgent rescue emergencies where possible we may still have healthy rescue animals in need of homes available to approved homes.*