Rabbit Care/Rabbit Welfare

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We strongly encourage anyone considering rabbits as pets to read these excellent guides from the RWAF, RSPCA and Animal Welfare Foundation.

 On The Hop -RWAF
 How to take care of your rabbits - RSPCA
 Caring for rabbits - Animal Welfare Foundation
We give full credit to saveafluff.co.uk for the links to their rabbit care pages below. We fully recommend this website as a fantastic source of basic information for anyone researching responsible rabbit ownership prior to taking them on as pets:
Excellent detailed information on the importance of vaccinating all pet rabbits, and the fatal rabbit viruses myxomatosis and RHD can be found here on the website of our charity patron Frances Harcourt Brown.
The RSPCA has produced the following guide detailing the time and costs involved in keeping rabbits.
The RWAF - A comprehensive list of informative online rabbit care information leaflets and advice sheets are available from the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund website. There is so much contradictory information around relating to rabbit care. In our opinion this is the most accurate and up to date rabbit care information available. 
Please click here to access their information library.
Please consider supporting the fantastic work of the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund by becoming a member.