Rabbit Care/Rabbit Welfare Videos

What Is Camp Nibble?

What Are The Welfare Needs Of Pet Rabbits?

Made for Rabbit Awareness Week 2020

The Future!

Outlines the welfare needs of pet rabbits.

Think Outside The Hutch®

Could there be a better way to house your pet rabbits?

Hop To Hay

Rabbit diet information (created for Rabbit Awareness Week 2017)

We chat with our sanctuary bunnies

(Created for Rabbit Awareness Week 2014)

Can You Handle A Bunny Like Me?

Rabbits are wonderful but they are not right for everyone!

Bunnies Just Want To Have Fun!

Environmental enrichment is essential to keep pet rabbits happy and healthy.

Rabbits Love Rabbits

Most rabbits are happiest kept in neutered pairs (or groups)

Buddies For Bunnies

(created for Rabbit Awareness Week 2016)

Fireworks Aren't Fun If You're A Bun!

Advice to keep pet rabbits safe during firework season.

Happy Binky Day!

A fun video created in support of the RWAF's National Binky Day (1st June)

Looking Back

The 'traditional' way of keeping pet rabbits needs to become a thing of the past.

A Message From Our Rescue Bunnies


Featuring in a garden near you!