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Hop to it - RWAF guide to rabbit care

(August 18, 2012)


*The message below is taken from the RWAF blog. Please help support their vital education work. Here at Camp Nibble we find the educational literature produced by the RWAF invaluable and are very excited about this new booklet.*

Hop to it - RWAF guide to rabbit care

We firmly believe that education is the key to improving rabbit welfare. Very often people are unaware of the correct way to properly care for companion rabbits and we want to get the right information out to as many people as possible. Sometimes we have to be a bit 'in yer face' and pass leaflets on to people, as not everyone will look on line. Every year we give away thousands of our educational leaflets which cover most aspects of rabbit care, health and welfare. We have just updated these and compiled them into a new booklet which covers all the basic information every rabbit owner needs to know. If we can give these booklets away free of charge we will be able to get them in to more pet shops, rescue centres and vets - so can you please help us with the printing and distribution costs?
If you can help towards the booklet costs, please text as follows: To donate £1 text RWAF12£1 to 70070 To donate £2 text RWAF12£2 to 70070 To donate £3 text RWAF12£3 to 70070 To donate £4 text RWAF12£4 to 70070 To donate £5 text RWAF12£5 to 70070 To danate £10 text RWAF12£10 to 70070 You will get a text back asking you about Gift Aid. If you are a UK Income Tax payer, then please declare it, and we will be given 25% extra by the Treasury at no cost to you. If you aren't a taxpayer then please don't say you are. If you prefer, you can make a donation at our brand new online shop, Bunny Bazaar, where you can also buy anything your bunnies might need

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