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Our sanctuary bunny of the month for May is Marky Mark

(May 13, 2021)
Marky Mark is a handsome giant breed lop who joined us as a stray. Something had caused this lovely boy to self-mutilate to a disturbing extent before being handed into us (this is unusual in rabbits.) He arrived having chewed his tail off to the point of leaving the bone exposed, making him very vulnerable to infection and in need of treatment.
After making some sanctuary bunny friends, Marky Mark seemed much happier and, to our relief, stopped self-harming. He remained with us in good health as a much-loved member of the Camp Nibble family until sadly recently developing a severe head-tilt as the result of an ear infection, which his huge loppy ears have predisposed him to suffer with. He is currently managing well, but of course his health and welfare is being closely monitored.
Marky Mark bunny of the month May

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