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In memory of Patchy rabbit

(June 26, 2018)

Very sadly sweet Patchy one of our permanent residents lost her battle with Arthritis last week and was helped to sleep by our vets. Always such a very difficult heart-breaking decision for loving owners and vets to make, and really doesn’t ever get any easier.

Just shy of 10 years old and full of health issues, but what an incredibly strong old lady she was! She may have only been with us since October but she was just so full of spirit and character, and made certain that she made a big impression on us all!

Patchy was very well cared for and loved before she sadly needed to come to us last year. We are proud to have been able to give her the care she’s needed and keep her happy and safe over these vulnerable last months. Thank you for everyone's support in helping us do this. We celebrate her long and happy life.

"Thank you for that last affectionate chomp on the shoulder as I said goodbye ha! You rest now strong girl xxx"

Patchie (2)

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