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Camp Nibble recommends Ryedale Rabbit Hutches!

(December 24, 2011)

The minimum hutch size for a medium sized pair of rabbits as recommended by welfare organisations is 6ftx2ftx2ft. This is the bare minimum that rabbits require. In order for their welfare to be properly met they also require access to lots of exercise outside of their hutch. Ideally rabbits should have permanent access to a safe exercise area such as a large attached run.

One reason why rabbits have been identified as the most cruelly kept pet in the UK and why so many people fail to provide adequate accommodation for their pet rabbits is that a majority of hutches/cages manufactured for rabbits are completely unfit for purpose! Finding appropriately sized rabbit housing in pet shops can be difficult. Even when a hutch appears to be the appropriate size the quality can be appalling meaning that the hutch is neither weather/predator proof so again completely unfit for purpose.

We have recently received an extremely kind donation of some second hand Ryedale hutches (huge thanks to Emma!) We are so impressed with the quality compared to the many other hutches/runs we have used that we are hoping that we can convince some other rabbit owners to consider Ryedale hutches when buying accommodation for their own lucky bunnies.


These handmade hutches and runs really are in a different league to any others we have come across. The build quality is exceptional and they can be built to your own specifications. They are delivered in person fully constructed. The quality of these hutches and runs is reflected in the price. However, like many things you get what you pay for and we believe that they are very fairly priced.


Ryedale Hutch with Run

Please remember to mention 'Camp Nibble' when ordering as it might just help us to convince Rob to give us a discount when we need to order new hutches/runs for our rescue buns he! he!


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