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Our sanctuary bunny of the month for January is Damon.

(January 17, 2019)
Damon (also affectionately known as Demon!) has joined us from a local rescue shelter. They had unfortunately not managed to find the right home for him during his three year stay due to his very aggressive nature.
Damon (a 4 year old cross breed) will very aggressively sink his teeth in and give very long, deep potentially dangerous bites (which I can vouch for first hand!)...Don't be fooled by such a sweet handsome face.
It will be very hard for us to responsibly find the right forever home for this complicated boy knowing that he can and has caused injury to both people and sadly a rabbit (in his previous rescue setting). He will have a home here at Camp Nibble though being loved and well cared for just as long as he needs it....We will continue to try and build up his trust and let him know that he is safe and loved.
Damon bunny of the month

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