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Please help name our baby bunnies!

(February 25, 2011)
*All six bunnies have now been named, many thanks!*
We have a litter of six very cheeky baby rabbits who have been surrendered through absolutely no fault of their own. Like all of our rescue rabbits they will need to be vaccinated and neutered before they can eventually be responsibly re-homed. Even with our charity discount we will need to find £360 just to cover these vet's fees alone.
Please help us by making a minimum donation of £5 and naming one of these cute little rascals!
Boy 1 (dark grey) - POOTLE (many thanks Chris)
Boy 2 (light grey/white) - SMUDGEY (many thanks Nikki)
Boy 3 (light grey/white) - CLOUD (many thanks anonymous donor)
Boy 4 (light grey/white) - TOBY (many thanks Muzamil)
Girl 1 (albino) - ROSIE (many thanks Muzamil)
Girl 2 (dark grey) DAISY (many thanks Muzamil)
To name a bunny please make a donation via the donate button below, then contact us to let us know your chosen name and bunny. Alternatively, contact us if you would like details of how to donate via cheque.
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We are extremely grateful for your support!

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