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A reminder of the importance of neutering all female rabbits.

(December 03, 2012)

Ruby (5 years old) and her daughter Mae (4 years old) are safely back home after being spayed today. Like so many middle aged female rabbits uterine tumours were discovered during Ruby's operation. In her case she appears to have been very lucky as the cancer had not yet spread elsewhere. Her operation has most certainly been life saving. A reminder to us as to why it is so important to neuter all female bunnies.

By five years old approximately 80% of un-spayed female rabbits have begun to develop uterine tumours! Please don't let your bunny become part of this statistic. The Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund has an interesting article on the subject on their website:

Please visit this page on the 'Save a Fluff' website for a good summary of the reasons why neutering rabbits is so important:


Ruby and Mae

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