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Our sanctuary bunny of the month for January is Star Lord

(January 07, 2020)

This very sweet ruby-eyed lionhead was handed into a vet practice as a stray. We suspect that he may have become unwanted after developing a very severe head tilt. Having been unclaimed after 7 days with no-one there able to offer him a home he was facing euthanasia. Therefore, arrangements were made for him to join us so that he could have the chance of receiving treatment.

Starlord's prognosis was very uncertain when he first arrived. However, he has settled in very well, and seems much happier and a lot more stable (despite still being very wonky!) He is currently managing well, and is able to perform happy normal rabbit behaviours. He is a very sociable little guy and has bonded brilliantly with his sanctuary friends (with their own e.cuniculi related issues).

Star lord bunny of the month

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