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Sweet dreams scruffy fella

(September 06, 2015)

We're very sad to say that Texas Pete who recently joined our group of permanent resident dental bunnies has passed away today.

This adorable very scruffy little chap joined us three months ago with a horrible large inoperable tumour in his jaw (and dental disease). We knew that his time left was very limited. He had been receiving palliative care whilst he still seemed to be enjoying life, and our vets felt he was comfortable.

Knowing that he had spent his previous six years of life as a single bunny in a hutch (with a very poor diet) we wanted Pete to enjoy some last months here with space to play, and bunny companionship to snuggle up with. He was welcomed into the group and made some good friends. We really hope he enjoyed his short retirement here and realised that he was loved.

'Sweet dreams scruffy fella xxx'

Thank you so much to the kind people who sponsored Texas Pete to help support his care.

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