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Bye Bye Nobby

(August 27, 2010)
Its been a very sad day at Camp Nibble as our gorgeous fluffy sanctuary bunny Nobby has passed away. Nobby had a long list of very serious health problems and on the advice of our rabbit specialist we had to make the very hard decision to have him put to sleep.
Nobby was handed in to us with his companion Ada after they were found abandoned in boxes in park land. When Nobby arrived he was bald down his entire back due to what must have been a terrible wound. We then went on to discover that he had horrendous dental disease and severe osteoporosis. It is suspected that his problems stemmed from a very poor diet and access to absolutely no exercise over several years. After treatment Nobby was able to enjoy a few months of being spoilt here with his companion Ada until sadly it was clear that it was no longer in Nobby's best interests to continue treating him.
'We'll miss you Nobby, especially Ada bunny. We are really pleased that you spent your last few months enjoying life and being loved here.'

Nobby rescue lionhead leeds


Ada and Nobby


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