Nibble News

New Arrivals

(March 28, 2010)
There are several new faces here at Camp Nibble this week all with very sad stories.
Nancy the albino lop was eventually caught after living rough for some time. We have not been able to trace her owners. LIke many stray bunnies there is every chance that she was released on purpose. We are hoping that she will make a lovely wife for Benjy bunny.
Nancy stray rabbit
Five more bunnies Ruth, Esther, Leon, Robert and Rodney have joined us from the North East after their owner died very suddenly. They were found by family members during a house clearance. Poor Robert and Rodney were very badly matted. We hope that they will forgive us for their bad hair days after needing much of their long hair clipping off.
Robert and Rodney rabbits
Just as we were breathing a sigh of relief after finding some great homes for some of our existing fancy mice a new family has joined us. A mummy mouse and her beautiful babies were found dumped out with the bins at a mental health centre. They were very lucky to be found in time.
We're so glad you are all and safe and with us guys. Let's hope you all find your forever homes very soon!

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