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Feed your rabbits the correct way!

(November 06, 2013)
The ideal diet for your rabbits:
1. At least their own body size in good quality hay each day (it is best to allow constant access to clean, good quality hay that is not part of their bedding) and -

2. A handful of suitable fresh greens morning and evening and -

3. Just a tablespoon of commercial rabbit nuggets once daily (or twice daily if the rabbit weighs over 3.5kg).

Rabbit muesli (a mix of seeds and flakes) should not be fed because it is linked to painful dental disease.

Owners should vary the greens they feed their rabbit. Fruit should only be fed occasionally and in small quantities because it is high in sugar. Sugary treats should also be avoided. (Source PDSA)
More detail here on the PDSA website:
grass and hay poster
Carrots poster

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