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Could you fundraise for Camp Nibble?

(January 20, 2011)
We are currently completely full and sadly have quite a few animals in poor health to worry about at the moment. We of course have to prioritise the day to day needs of our rescue animals before anything else. After we have taken care of our cleaning/feeding/medical rounds, vets trips and animal surrender/re-homing appointments we are currently finding it hard to find enough hours in the day to do the essential fundraising necessary to keep the shelter running.
We get through a huge amount of pet supplies caring for all of our animals to such a high standard and have on-going large vets bills! Every rabbit that we take in currently costs us £60 in vet's fees to neuter and vaccinate before we can responsibly re-home them. As anyone who has had a sick animal will appreciate our animals with health problems can cost us hundreds! 
We are desperately in need of a few friends of Camp Nibble who are willing to spare a few hours to fundraise on our behalf. Fundraising options are endless and with the help of it is so easy to collect donations for sponsored events safely on our behalf.
Are you trying to loose weight, give up smoking, wanting to shave your hair off, grow a beard he! he! If so why not help us to continue to help animals in need by asking a few friends to sponsor you on behalf of Camp Nibble. For details of please visit our fundraising page.
We rely on your support to be able to continue helping animals in need.
Angelica rabbit re-homing in Halifax

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