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An important message to prospective rabbit owners.

(January 26, 2016)

Having just dropped 5 of our rescue rabbits off with our rabbit specialist vet for various (in some cases very complex/expensive) procedures this message from one of our wonderful bunny adopters Bex seems very appropriate!

"Hi Hannah, I just wanted to highlight the costs of keeping rabbits for potential new owners – obviously you know what vet care costs, but we were confident we had healthy rabbits kept in good conditions, reducing some of the risk a little bit.

In the last few months we have been hit by some large (ish) vet bills and wanted to let you know so maybe you could have some anecdotal information to pass onto families looking to take on rabbits. I know we don’t insure so have to take the hits when and as, but I think the info is food for thought and might encourage people to insure.

As you know in late September we lost little Vera to gut stasis, the various injections and x-rays cost us close to £300.

Then in October Ethel had a mad moment and ran too fast down one of her tunnels, she dislocated a toe. We obviously had to have x-rays to check what had happened and pain relief, coming in around £180.

In November Ethel suddenly stopped eating, it turned out her teeth had started cutting her tongue, the anaesthetic and drugs cost us £180

Last weekend Ernie suddenly came down with e-cuniculi, luckily we caught it very early as we noticed his ear flopping and he wasn’t quite right on his back leg. I’ve been doing lots of research and am watching Ethel very closely at the moment. Ernie came around very quickly and his ear is back up straight and he is much stronger on his back leg. The drugs have come to £60 at the moment, but we have no idea whether this will be on going medication when and if it flairs up again.

In total this comes to £720, not to mention the gut stasis Vera had in the Summer which cost us around £500 and the accident we had where Ethel attacked Albert, another £350 (we had to call out the emergency vet and then he had an operation the following day).

So in the last 7 months that comes to £1570.00 of extra vet bills on top of vaccinations, check-ups etc.

Now it might be argued that we spot ailments very quickly and can therefore get the rabbits in for treatment, however I think it shows the variety and quick succession that these random things can happen!"

Thank you for this Bex! For anyone considering pet insurance for their rabbits (dog or cat) please sign up for a Petplan free 4 week trial via our website (quoting our ref no. 1300045481). For anyone who continues with a paid policy 10% of your premiums will be donated to Camp Nibble:

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