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BUAV 'Rabbits are Special' competition in aid of No Cruel Cosmetics campaign

(January 20, 2012)

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BUAV 'Rabbits are Special' competition in aid of No Cruel Cosmetics campaign‏.

Please upload a picture of your rabbit with a description about why he or she is so special for a chance to win a No Cruel Cosmetics goody bag containing specially selected beauty products from BUAV certified companies, a No Cruel Cosmetics bag and lots of other goodies. The runner up will receive a specially selected beauty product and a No Cruel Cosmetics bag.

Rabbits still suffer in tests carried out around the world for cosmetics that are sold in the UK and Europe. A ban due to come into effect in 2013 that would finally outlaw this cruel practice is under threat and could be delayed for up to ten years - meaning hundreds of thousands more animals, including rabbits, could be injected, gassed or force-fed worldwide for new beauty products sold in the EU.

Please sign the No Cruel Cosmetics petition on Facebook at or online at and help us stop the needless suffering of animals for cosmetics sold in Europe.

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