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Our sanctuary 'bunny' of the month for February is Pamela

(February 12, 2020)
Our sanctuary 'bunny' of the month for Febuary is Pamela.
Ok you are right, she is technically a chicken!
With lots of people keeping backyard chickens and domestic ducks as pets these feathered friends also find themselves in need of rescue support when their owners are unable to keep them, or they become neglected. Our sanctuary chickens are old ladies who have joined us in need of urgent rescue support...and have made Camp Nibble their home.
Pamela is an elderly bantam chicken born in 2009. She was handed into us by her owner as the last surviver after all of her friends had been killed by predators. Pamela was extremely lame when she arrived a few years ago with an advanced infestation of scaly mites which had caused so much damage to her legs. We really didn't think she would be able to walk properly again. We are so proud of how well she had recovered with proper treatment. We've just realised that this wonderful very special little hen is now over 10 years old!! We love you Pam!
Pamela bunny of the month

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