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Ethel, Ernie and Maggie, happy bunny update!

(April 29, 2020)

Aww so great to see you all looking so happy and well Ernie, Ethel and Maggie. Thank you to your bunny parents for the lovely update.

"We’ve worked out that we’ve had Ernie & Ethel (Mel & Chandler) for over 5 years now and Maggie (Sheila) over 4 years.

We think Maggie is somewhere around the 10 going on 11 mark this year but you wouldn’t have guessed. She possibly looks a little bit older now with slightly pronounced shoulder blades but apart from that she is the one that keeps us guessing. We have just moved and the rabbits are exploring the garden, if we have a gap somewhere she’ll be the first to find it and although it doesn’t matter because they are all internal fences in the garden we have to keep an eye on her, she is like a rabbit in Houdini form. Her and Albert’s relationship is so funny, they are like an old married couple, they can’t be without each but they are so grumpy with each other. We’ve got a variety of different areas for them to go so if they do argue they can get away from each other for a bit.

Ernie and Ethel are still very sweet and don’t blink an eye with our little girl running around the garden, they are slowly learning to trust her as she is getting better with not bothering them. Ernie has had 3 bouts of EC now, but we are getting quite good at noticing a small drop in his ear so we get medicine down him straight away and he just carries on as usual. You wonder whether other rabbits would have had better outcomes if owners had known what they were looking for?"


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