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A very clever operation to help Cilla rabbit

(August 23, 2017)

We’re so happy with how successful this recent operation on sanctuary bunny Cilla has been so I just thought I’d share it with you

Cilla is an older bunny with advanced dental disease. As a complication of her dental disease she has been suffering recently with an on-going nasty eye infection. Eye complications sadly often go hand in hand with dental disease when tooth roots located very near to the tear ducts begin to elongate.

Attempts over several weeks to get this control with different antibiotics, and procedures at the vet to flush out the tear duct were just not managing to keep the infection under control. Cilla was needing her eye cleaning several times a day which was very inflamed and sore and getting stuck shut with yukiness. She was very vulnerable to developing an eye ulcer. These are very painful and unpleasant and in some cases the only option is to remove the damaged eye.

Our vet recommended that we try an operation to relocate Cilla's nasolacrimal (tear) duct so that any infection can now drain out of a new very tiny permanent hole in her face just under the eye, rather than into the eye itself.

We are just delighted with how successful this has been! A month after the op Cilla is now fully healed and as bright eyed as ever. Cilla is the third of our bunnies with advanced dental disease to have this clever operation done so far.

As always thank you to our talented vets, and our wonderful supporters who make it possible for us to continue to fund all of the vet care that these very special bunnies need


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