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Pets as presents, is it really a good idea?

(November 29, 2014)

On this busiest of Christmas shopping weekends we ask people to please think very carefully indeed before buying any pets as presents. It’s well known that many pets bought as presents sadly end up being handed into rescue shelters as unwanted once the initial excitement and novelty has worn off (many others do of course continue to be very much loved).

It’s very understandable that so many families make the mistake of focusing on the excitement that a new pet will provide initially for a few days over Christmas; especially with children in the household (we have young children ourselves). The reality of providing for all of the animal’s welfare needs day in day out for the next decade is not always given full consideration.

Are you thinking of taking on pets as presents for your family this year? If so we urge you to please give lots of thought first as to whether these are genuinely being taken on as family members that you are fully happy, and able to commit to for their lifetime. Have you fully researched their welfare needs?

Christmas may not be the ideal time of year to introduce a new pet to the home:


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