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Message from the Rabbit Welfare Association - A nightmare before Christmas!

(December 23, 2011)

You will find it hard to watch this video

This video is distressing, but it proves why the 'A Hutch is Not Enough' campaign is so essential. Rabbits live in conditions like this all over the UK and we want it to stop - NOW.

The owner of these rabbits keeps them in 2ftx2ft or 3ft x 2ft hutches and says that it is not cruel, and that 2 in a 3ft hutch is not over crowded - we disagree, how about you? She then says, 'if they were too small, they wouldnt sell them in the shops would they?' - well sadly, yes they would, and do, and that is why we are working with retailers to stop selling anything smaller than 4ft and to include 5 and 6 ft hutches in their ranges. The owner thinks her rabbits are 'happy and up to weight' but we don't think they look happy at all - they can take one hop at best in those hutches.

A hutch is not enough. All pet rabbits should be kept with the companionship of another (neutered) rabbit and live in an environment that allows them to display all of their natural behaviours, such as running, jumping, digging and foraging - and never locked in a hutch.

A hutch is not enough
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