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Snow Bunnies!

(February 28, 2018)

Snow bunnies

A busy day making sure that all of outdoor residents are safe and well in the snow.
Please make sure your outdoor rabbits have access to lots of warm, dry shelter. Our sanctuary bunnies all do here. However, interestingly they often do still choose to rest out in the snow! They all look really comfortable just proving how amazing their winter coats must be!

Any of our more vulnerable bunnies in poor body condition, or who are not acclimatised to living outdoors are of course being kept warm indoors. As are all of our sanctuary guinea pigs who are all cosy indoors too.

Please visit this section of the RWAF website for lots of hints and tips on keeping your outdoor rabbits warm and safe during very cold weather:

Santa Sheworld marky mark columbo snow (6)

orville thumbelina snow (5)

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