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Important xmas message to bunny owners from the Rabbit Welfare Association

(December 07, 2011)

RWAF xmas message

There is no response from Santa because you, the rabbit owner, are the only one who can grant these wishes.
Rabbits are the most neglected pets in the UK. Countless pet rabbits live in hutches, with no space to exercise, no companionship and a poor diet that leads to gut and dental problems. This is scientifically proven to be cruel.
Rabbits need a large secure enclosure – the hutch must be attached to a safe exercise area so they can shelter or exercise at will. Rabbits confined to a hutch and not able to move freely can develop muscle weakness, and are more likely to damage their spines when handled, and sores around their rear end which can attract flies to lay their eggs on their skin.
Rabbits need somewhere warm and dry to rest and feel secure. They need plenty of straw or hay for warmth and must be cleaned out regularly.
It’s cruel to keep a rabbit on its own. Rabbits never live alone in the wild and research has shown that domestic rabbits value companionship as much as food. They must be neutered and bonded with at least one other neutered rabbit.
Rabbits in the wild eat grass all day and pet rabbits diets’ should be as close to this as possible. They should be given unlimited grass or hay, some fresh vegetables and only a small amount of pelleted food.
Please be Santa and make your rabbit’s Christmas wishes come true.
Don’t let your rabbit spend Christmas like this…
Brought to you by the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund
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