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Keep Calm and keep Checking! Protect your rabbit from flystrike.

(June 27, 2020)

This time of year when we have some beautiful hot days I become so anxious about fly strike (any of you who have been unlucky enough to have had the horror of experiencing this will understand exactly why).

We have many rabbits in our care who are so much more at risk of becoming a target to flystrike than a healthy bunny usually would be. Several of our sanctuary bunnies need a little help with keeping their bums clean due to their health issues, and some live with chronic infection...all things which those pesky flies are just so attracted to.

Not good for the nerves at all!...'Keep calm, and keep checking'. I guess that's my mantra for the next couple of months.

To find out how to help to protect your rabbit from flystrike please check out this info from the Rabbit Welfare Association.

Keep Calm and Keep Checking

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