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Please neuter for health and happiness.

(July 11, 2015)

We are advocates of rabbit neutering, and recommend that all healthy rabbits are neutered for their health and wellbeing. Sadly, our vets have found three of our adult female rescue rabbits to have uterine tumours during their routine spays in the last fortnight!

The following information leaflet from The Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund is very informative:…/leafl…/neutering28.8.07.pdf
as is the following article:…/co…/info-sheets/uterine.htm

Sadly, as with all surgery the operation isn't without risk. The RWAF has compliled a list of rabbit friendly vets nationwide to help owners find the right vet to perform the operation in order to greatly reduce the liklihood of complications.

Our trusted charity vets Holly House Veterinary Hospital (Leeds) and Crab Lane vets (Harrogate) both have lots of experience with the procedure.

neuter poster

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