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Baby bunnies needing names!

(March 23, 2013)

Bunny naming fundraiser.

We have four cheeky new arrivals needing names. The top bunnies are 13 weeks old and their little brothers below are 9 weeks old. These gorgeous bunnies are from different litters born 4 weeks apart to the same mummy bunny. They are a great example of how quickly and easily mis-sexed bunnies multiply!

To name a baby bunny please make a minimum £5 donation via the donate button below and then contact us to let us know your chosen baby and name.

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Baby boy 1 (left) - *Percy* (many thanks Keely)
Baby boy 2 (right) - *Jasper* (many thanks Keely)


Sandras bunnies


Baby boy 3 (left) - *Pat* (many thanks Zoe)
Baby boy 4 (right) -*Bob* (many thanks Zoe)


Sandras bunnies (2)


Thank you for your support!

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