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We urgently need your help!

(November 30, 2009)
The rescue animals at Camp Nibble urgently need you to help us to become a registered charity.

Camp Nibble is a new rescue shelter and we are currently operating as an unregistered charitable organisation. We are relying on donations that we receive from new owners adopting animals from us to stay afloat. Sadly these donations are not coming close to covering the costs associated with running the shelter. All animals in our care are looked after to the highest standards receiving veterinary care wherever needed. All rabbits that we take in are neutered and vaccinated before re-homing at great expense.

We desperately need to become registered with the charities commission and obtain our charity registration number before fundraising avenues essential to our survival will be opened up. Before we are able to apply for registration with the charities commission we are required to have an income of £5000. We are therefore appealing to everyone who would like us to continue being able to help animals in desperate need to make a donation. No matter how large or small any donation that we receive will go directly towards helping an animal in need. It will also take us a step further towards being able to register our charity, this is critical to us being able to continue with our work.

Please donate

A million thanks, squeaks, squawks and grunts from all of the animals at Camp Nibble xxx

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