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Mummy, I promise I'll look after it!

(September 11, 2013)
Please SIGN and SHARE our important e-petition to urge the government to introduce a code of practice for the welfare of domestic rabbits: THANK YOU!

Rabbits are wonderful creatures that can (and should) become a valued part of the family. However, like many modern rabbit welfare organisations we do not recommend rabbits as ideal pets specifically for children. Rabbits are intelligent sensitive animals that deserve to be viewed as family members (in the same way as cats and dogs usually are).

We believe that the common perception of rabbits as cheap, easy pets for children is a myth, or at least it is if the welfare needs of the rabbits are being met properly.

Historically, thousands of rabbits have made very cheap easy pets for children living as neglected living toys. In many cases there is very little or even no adult interest in their wellbeing. It is becoming recognised and will hopefully eventually be accepted that this method of keeping rabbits often in solitary confinement shut up for long periods in hutches is completely out dated and exceptionally cruel!

Many rabbits are taken on by very genuine families who simply have unrealistic expectations of rabbits as pets. A typical rabbit does not enjoy being cuddled/picked up. Therefore, it is not surprising that so many children tire of them very quickly. We have advice for families considering taking on rabbits for their children here.
I promise Ill look after it.



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