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A lovely update from Antman, Olympia and Mishti's forever home.

(August 25, 2020)
Lovely update photos of Antman, Olympia and Mishti (now Digby, Eeyore, and Lulu) so much loved and cherished in their forever home.
Antman was rescued from very neglected conditions, he was so disfigured, in need of vet treatment due to an advanced syphilis infection. Olympia and Mishti both joined us separately as tiny babies only a few weeks old. Olympia had been taken in by police and handed into our vets after being found wandering as a stray on a busy road (at around 4 weeks old). Mishti came to us after being helped by another rescue shelter, she had been born with very misaligned front teeth.
The two baby girls bonded straight away, and were a huge support for each whilst they stayed with us until they were strong enough to be neutered, and for Mishti to be able to have her troublesome incisors removed. Their new mum Liz was able to give them a wonderful home together... and some months later a fully recovered Antman was able to join them.
"Diggers still isn’t brave enough to leave the shed and runs -it took him a long time even to venture onto the grass. Meanwhile Eeyore and Lula love bombing around the garden free range and destroy my lovely plants by eating them at high speed!
Digby remains a complex character! So loving and desperate for love but highly strung! Every morning Millie, one of my cats, makes her first stop after the cat flap is open, a check in with Digby who races to see her. He also races to see me and nuzzle my hand. He is very food aggressive and every day pounces on the girls and growls when food arrives. He often does the same to me but has never bitten me, just pounces, scratches and growls. Right now I’m watching the 3 of them binkying around the run looking very happy! He loves sunbathing and follows the sun through his runs during the day. I think he is very happy with his lovely ladies".

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