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We'll miss you Ada

(January 14, 2011)
A very sad day today for Camp Nibble as our wonderful sanctuary rabbit Ada (aka Makka Pakka!) has sadly passed away.
Ada a beautiful and very feisty ringed albino Rex was found abandoned in parkland in a box with another rabbit who we named Nobby. Ada and Nobby had a multitude of complicated and serious health conditions which made them unsuitable for re-homing. The bunnies got along like a house on fire. Therefore, we worried for Ada when we had to make the hard decision to have Nobby put to sleep in August.
Ada and Nobby
Despite losing Nobby and being diagnosed with a hugely enlarged heart Ada responded well to medication and seemed to be very much enjoying her life here at Camp Nibble. She soon found love again with another of our permanent sanctuary rabbits Noddy. Yes, Nobby and Noddy do have confusingly similar names. Noddy arrived at the centre in a terrible state in desperate need of help the day we lost Nobby. He was named in tribute to Nobby and seemed fated to become Ada's second husbun!
Noddy and Ada
'We loved you Ada you absolute lunatic! You stole our hearts with your enormous one!!'
Ada albino rex rabbit

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