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A tribute to Angie bunny

(April 14, 2011)
Lots of tears have been shed at Camp Nibble today as Angie our fantastic sanctuary bunny passed away during the night aged nine and a half. 
Angie was surrendered to us at seven and a half years old. She was a beautiful lop with a fantastic temperament. She arrived in very poor condition, she was underweight and required urgent dental treatment. A visit to our rabbit specialist revealed that Angie had teeth growing into her tongue which was badly damaged. She had been dribbling so much that that her saliva had burnt her skin leaving her sore and bald down one leg. After treatment and a lot of TLC she was soon happy again and in great condition. 
Throughout her two year stay with us Angie required ongoing veterinary care to keep her health stable. We are eternally grateful to our rabbit specialist vet for her amazing pioneering surgery. Thank you so much Frances. Angie had a lovely retirement with us and found love with Peter rabbit also the same age. However, finally old age got the better of Angie and she decided that she was tired and drifted away peacefully.
'You were such a lovely old girl Angie. Despite all of your problems it was always a pleasure to help you. Thank you for giving Peter the happiest two years of his life'.

Angelica rabbit re-homing in Halifax

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