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Thank you Kim, Jill & Sarah Brown!

(February 28, 2010)
A big thank you to Kim for the fantastic gerbilarium that she has donated. Simon and Alvin our permanent gerbil residents are absolutely delighted with their new home. Thank you so much again Kim for the fabulous rat hammocks that you have so beautifully knitted. You must have spent weeks making them!
Simon Alvin gerbil adoption
Simon and Alvin gerbils would also like to say a huge thank you to Sarah Brown at Holly House for removing a tumour from Alvin's stomach. Simon gerbil needed the same operation only a couple of months earlier, both boys are now feeling much better.
Finally, they also want to thank Jill and her giant rabbit Jack for the fantastic cardboard tubes and other supplies that they have collected for us. Best of luck in the raffle Jill! We really appreciate all your help.

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