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Our sanctuary bunny of the month for December is Stewie

(December 09, 2019)
Stewie is a very rare Camp Nibble bunny who despite us having re-homed him very carefully twice has needed to come back to us after a year both times!! This has been through sheer bad luck, and through no fault of either his or his owners. He has been very well cared for in both homes.
He originally joined us in 2014 as a stray who had been found on an allotment. We estimate that he was born in 2013.
Sadly, Stewie has developed complicated issues with bladder sludge, which may be linked to an issue with his mobility. He requires daily medications and help to keep himself clean. He has regular trips to our vets for checkups and has needed x-rays, tests and his bladder flushing to keep him happy and comfortable. He has found his forever home here at Camp Nibble and will stay with us now permanently getting all of the care he needs.
sanctuary bunny of the month stewie

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