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Our sanctuary bunny of the month for April is YouTube

(April 02, 2020)

Youtube was rescued by a wonderful rescue group who saw him being advertised as unwanted, and in need of vet care after developing a head tilt. He is a gorgeous friendly chap who has now received initial vet care and is managing well. He is very wonky, but is stable and well at the moment.

Unfortunately, we are unable to have him neutered for the time being with vets currently unable to perform routine none-emergency procedures. We look forwards to getting him settled with a friend/s when we are able to. However, in the meantime we are delighted that he is being very spoilt with a special VIP fosterer Opera singer Wallis Giunta

Wallis has taken brilliant care of our Camp Nibblers in the past and is a very experienced dedicated bunny foster mum (whenever she finds herself in one place for long enough) Having fostered bunnies for rescues in different countries, she has taken care of headtilt hoppers like YouTube before.

Huge thanks to the lovely Wallis...You enjoy your holiday YouTube and please stay well Xxx

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