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Sad goodbyes to She-Ra and Lassiters

(November 17, 2018)

A sad goodbye this week to beautiful giant girl She-Ra (our October bunny of the month). Her serious spinal deformaties have taken her life at only 18 months old.

"Your special needs companions will be missing their huge snuggly sofa and gentle friend very much, sweet dreams big bunny"

She-Ra (2)

Yesterday, we also said goodbye to our extremely handsome Belgium Hare cross Lassiters. This wonderful bunny arrived at the beginning of the year aged 6.5 with his bonded companion (both of them had head tilts with seemingly completely different causes!)

He had apparently been tilted since he was a youngster. It seems likely that he had a very nasty ear infection for several years which had been left untreated (we were quite taken aback by the smell of the thick puss we soon discovered oozing from his ear when he arrived!) A CT scan revealed severe shocking changes inside his head, likely as a result of so much infection being present for so long. Unfortunately, after careful consideration it was agreed that he wasn’t a suitable candidate for surgery and couldn’t be cured. Therefore, we were relying on medicines to keep his condition under some control.

We knew that he was living out his final months here, these were such a pleasure to share with him. Despite the ticking time bomb inside his head he still enjoyed exploring and a good binky, and still had a good quality of life with his sanctuary companions for nearly a year right up until the end.

The day we had been dreading finally arrived though, and we found him collapsed yesterday morning. We knew he couldn’t be treated and that he needed to be helped to his forever sleep, so he took that final vet trip.

“You may have been the smelliest bunny we’ve helped over the years Lassiters, but this didn’t make you any less adorable! Keep on binkying handsome boy”.


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