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We need names!

(July 19, 2010)
We have eight gorgeous baby bunnies needing names, can you help?
These eight cheeky babies are all related and have joined us after a family's rabbits bred out of control. We have had to take in fourteen bunnies in total from this one household to prevent the situation from spiraling out of control!
For us to vaccinate and neuter fourteen rabbits in order for them to find loving homes costs us as a charity £1050! We are extremely grateful for any contributions towards these vets fees and the shelters numerous other expenses.
For a minimum donation of £5 you can name the baby of your choice. Donations can be made by sending a paypal payment to [email protected] (please send as a gift) or by using any of the donate buttons on our website. If you would like to donate via cheque please contact us for details.
May Brothers:
Smokey boy - *CLOVER*
Black & White boy - *PARSLEY*
Mainly White boy - *BASIL*
May10 Litter
June Litter:
Grey girl - *ASHLEY*
Black & White boy - *GRAHAM*
June10 litter grey&white
Grey boy - *BENJAMIN*
June10 litter grey
Black & White boy - *OTIS*
Black & White boy - *OSCAR*
June10 litter white&white
All of the bunnies have now been successfully named. We sincerely appreciate your help!

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