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A very lucky Tilly 2!

(October 11, 2013)
New arrival Tilly 2 went in to the vets for her routine spay operation yesterday. She is six years old and appeared to be in full health. During the operation our vets discovered that one of her ovaries had ruptured at some point in the past leaving her in great danger of serious internal infection, and we’d imagine must have caused her pain.
She was also found to have advanced uterine cancer. Luckily, the cancer doesn’t appear to have spread yet and we are therefore hopeful that the spay has saved Tilly’s life. Like so many people Tilly’s previous owners were just unaware of the importance of neutering all female pet rabbits.
The Rabbit Welfare Association have an interesting and informative article about the issue on their website:
This page on the Save a Fluff website also summarises well the many benefits of neutering for all pet rabbits:
Tilly 2

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