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Could you hold a car boot sale on behalf of Camp Nibble?

(May 18, 2012)

Calling all enthusiastic fundraisers!

We have very kindly been donated items for us to sell in order to raise funds for our rescue animals. We currently have lots of brand new clothing that would be ideal for a table top/car boot sale. With our many day to day commitments running the rescue shelter we are sadly limited to the number of fundraising events that we can attend ourselves.

We know that there are enthusiastic animal lovers out there who would like to support our work. However, we know it can sometimes be difficult to think up your own fundraising idea. Therefore, we would be extremely grateful to hear from anyone who would be willing to organise and run a carboot/table top sale on our behalf.

We can provide the items to sell and the rest would be up to you!

Please contact us if you think that you could help.

As always we are extremely grateful for the support


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