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Our sanctuary bunny of the month for June is Poppy

(June 15, 2021)

Poppy is an adorable lion head lop born around 2014/15. Her previous owners initially rescued her as a young bunny from a very unsafe situation. Poppy has joined us with multiple complicated health issues and will remain with us as part of our sanctuary family. She can experience urinary incontinence due to a spinal injury in the past, and therefore, needs frequent help with hygiene. She is prone to snuffles, urine and eye infections and gut stasis. She has also required dental treatment in the past and treatment for a large abscess behind her eye. We haven’t yet come across quite so many different health issues in one bunny! Poppy really does illustrate just how complicated rabbits can be health-wise.

Despite her many issues, Poppy is currently doing well and is a very friendly, happy, calm, gentle bunny. She really is an exceptional little girl.

Poppy bunny of the month

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