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Our sanctuary bunny of the month for July is Bun Jovi

(July 10, 2020)

Bun Jovi is a handsome little dutch who was handed into a vet practice as a stray.

X-rays revealed that he has old breaks to his pelvis which have healed without treatment. His mobility is being monitored. Although, he is currently managing well his injuries are likely to cause him more issues as he ages.

Bun Jovi is a cute little guy with lots of character. Although, he is one to give unpredictable bites so beware. He is especially cheeky and naughty during his vet check ups! Bun Jovi can be very rabbit aggressive and so isn't suitable for group living. However, he has happily turned out to be a great husband to one of our sanctuary dental bunnies who was also very much struggling to make friends.

Bunny of the month Bun Jovi


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