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Farewell to Bev 2

(March 03, 2013)
We are very sad today to say goodbye to Bev 2 one of our sanctuary guinea pigs. Bev 2 passed away peacefully during the night. It has come as a shock as she was on good form yesterday and enjoyed munching through a big pile of parsley with her pals. However, we can want nothing more than for our animals to pass away peacefully without suffering when their time to go comes.
Bev joined us nearly three years ago and was diagnosed with cancer. She wasn't predicted to live much longer so it was recommended that she should remain with us for her retirement. However, against all odds she remained on great form for nearly three years ha!ha! becoming a much loved member of the Camp Nibble family.
Thank you very much to Bev 2's kind sponsors.
Bev 2 Sombrero
'We'll all miss you Bev 2 and we promise to keep your sombrero safe'

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