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Baby bunnies needing names

(April 16, 2010)
We have lots of new faces this week as we have agreed to take in fourteen rabbits in need. Seven of which are already with us, the others we expect to join us soon. All of these bunnies need to be neutered and vaccinated before they can be re-homed. Neutering and vaccinating fourteen bunnies costs Camp Nibble £1050 in vet's fees!
To help towards this we thought that you might like to help us name five of our new arrivals. This gorgeous litter of baby bunnies are all currently nameless. You can name the bunny of your choice for a minimum donation of £5.
Donations can be made by sending a paypal payment to [email protected] (please send as a gift) or by using any of the donate buttons on our website. If you would like to donate via cheque please contact us for details.
There are three gorgeous little girls (1st photo) and two cheeky little boys (2nd photo) all looking forwards to getting their new names.
Brown and white litter girls
brown and white litter boys
Girl 1 - *Honey*
Girl 2 - *Sweetpea*
Girl 3 - *Meadowsweet*
Boy 1 - *Peppercorn*
Boy 2 - *Raffles*
All five bunnies have now been named. Many thanks to everyone who chose a name.

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