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Animals being dumped!

(February 22, 2010)
As we are a small home-based rescue with limited capacity we are pretty much full at all times. Our admissions policy is having to become strict. It would be impossible for us to offer to take in all the pets that people's children are simply with bored with that we are asked to take in on a daily basis. We are so upset at having to turn any animal away. However, as a majority of these people are very able to care for their pets we really must prioritize those animals that are in immediate danger.
We are shocked at how many people are resorting to dumping their pets outdoors. None of the companion animals that we take in are adapted to life in the wild. Dumping them in this way will inevitably result in the animal suffering and in some cases may have implications for native wildlife.
This week we have been called out by Leeds Council to rescue poor Jenny a yellow bellied slider found dumped in Middleton Park and have taken in eight cheeky fancy rats that were left abandoned in a box in a wood!

Jenny rescue turtle Yorkshire

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