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Two new sanctuary bunnies

(July 15, 2010)
Nobby and Ada have joined Angie as Camp Nibble sanctuary bunnies. All of our sanctuary bunnies have serious ongoing health issues and will require regular veterinary care for the rest of their lives. For this reason they cannot be re-homed. They will remain at Camp Nibble being cared for and loved for as long as our vets agree it is in their best interests to do so.
Nobby and Ada were abandoned together in boxes in parkland. Nobby had a terrible wound to his back which has healed although he is still very bald! A recent two night stay with the superb rabbit specialist Frances Harcourt Brown (thank you Frances!) has revealed that Nobby has very advanced dental disease and severe osteoporosis. His condition suggests that he has spent many years with a poor diet in a hutch in which he could bearly move.
Ada was found to have a hugely enlarged heart filling most of her chest, this explains her breathing difficulties. She will hopefully feel a lot better now she is on appropriate heart medication.
The long term prognosis is very poor for both rabbits. However, they are both currently doing well and are keen to enjoy the rest of their lives with companionship, love and room to stretch and play.
Ada and Nobby
If you would like to help us to fund the ongoing veterinary care of our sanctuary animals please make a donation. Any amount is sincerely appreciated.

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