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Rosy & Alice enjoying their forever home.

(March 26, 2011)
Dear Camp Nibble,
It's almost a year since we adopted our beloved rabbits from Camp Nibble and I wanted to write and give you an update on their progress. Alice and Rosy (formerly Joey and Casey) Settled into their new home well. Although they are older bunnies (approx 6 years old at the time of adoption) they remain very healthy happy rabbits. 
Alice, the white one is still shy with humans but seems to be the boss in the hutch, while Rosy (black) tolerates being petted more but is certainly under Alices rule.  You may remember they have a hutch with an enclosed run attached. They have unlimited access to this area and as it is a safe area they can go in and out as they please. This has developed over the year and now comprises various tunnels and rocks, a digging corner and pipes to play in. 
They always start the day sitting on the grass waiting for me to arrive with their mixed greens, When they see me coming they get very excited and run around performing binkys for me.  A lovely way to start the day.  During the warmer months they often spend free time wandering around the garden and 'helping' me gardening.  They like to finish the day with a couple of raisins and sit high on their back legs in anticipation of their treat.  They did well during the severe winter and nested deep into the hay bale I provided for them in their bedding box.  Now the spring has arrived and they love to sit out on their rocks and bask in the early morning sunshine.
Alice and Rosy are very healthy and active rabbits, their eyes sparkle and their coats shine. they truely are a pleasure to care for and bring many smiles to our faces.  And hopefully they will bring us such pleasure for some more years to come.
Many Thanks and Kind Regards
Linda Allen, Alice, Rosy & Family

Rosy and Alice

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