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Lots of great new homes

(February 21, 2010)
We are thrilled that Stella, Heidi and Bambi the beautiful Netherland dwarf trio have found a home together. The trio have been in rescue for most of their lives after a very bad start and have a very close bond. We would have been very reluctant to have split these girls up.
Stella Tilly Bambi dwarf rabbits adoption
Martin and Will the baby guinea pigs are to be reunited with their brother Joe. Joe was adopted a few weeks ago to keep a lonely guinea pig called Boris company. Sadly Boris became ill very suddenly and did not come round after his operation leaving little Joe alone. A happy ending to a very sad story though as Joe's new owners have decided to adopt his brothers to keep him company.
Will guinea pig rescue
Percy and Sparkle guinea pigs didn't end up staying with us very long and have found a fantastic home with an experienced guinea pig owner with many gorgeous piggies.
Sparkle and Percy guinea pigs
Three of our abandoned young rat bucks have found a fantastic home together. We hope that the remaining five also find their loving forever homes very soon.
Three rescue rats

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